Ecommerce & Retail leads that
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PipeCandy is like your best sales rep. Using data science, PipeCandy finds & ranks the most relevant leads from thousands of ecommerce and retail businesses that it tracks everyday!

Industry's only intelligent retail & ecommerce lead list builder

Imagine how well you can sell if we find you, for example, a list of ecommerce companies that use Magento & sell luxury goods & have raised VC funding & use collaborative filtering. Now, don’t imagine because it’s already possible.

Besides, through ‘off-the-shelf’, industry-specific analytical models, you can sell to niches that you haven’t been able to target before!

Don’t buy or scrape sales leads ever!

You don't need another email campaign tool. And, we know that!

PipeCandy’s campaign tool starts where others stop. Say ‘Hello!’ to prospect sentiment analysis, intelligent pause/resume features save you from those embarassing outbound faux pas. We’ve packed several thoughtful features. But let’s just say, our end goal is to make your SDRs become better!

Sending email campaigns should not be as tough as toss juggling the balls. Switch to PipeCandy!

Don't experiment with outbound. We'll make you world-class from day one

PipeCandy’s concierge service helps world’s leading companies nail outbound marketing. We define campaign strategy, messaging approach, write conversion-oriented emails & make you aware of deliverability best practices. We help you build a consistent, scalable outbound channel that puts your lead generation on autopilot.

Spend every minute engaging with prospects that can be closed!

Key Offerings

Industry First - Custom Lead Lists

Lead lists by tech

 Find retailers and ecommerce companies that use specific front end and back end enterprise technologies. Find who is using your competitor products.

Lead lists by business model

We’ve written algorithms just so you can find prospects that operate on specific business models (Ex: Wholesale, Peer to Peer, Drop Shipment etc.).

Lead lists by custom criteria

Interested in luxury retailers? Looking to find buyers for your AI tech? Want to tracks number of SKUs sold? Our algorithms have got you covered!

Concierge - No cold emails. Just warm handshakes

Outbound Strategy

The ‘Concierge’ works with you to define target segments and the messages that will click for them!

Conversion-oriented emails

A mix of psychology, awareness of email trends & uber wordsmithing. In short, emails that convert!

Customized Data Acquisition

Can’t find the data you need? Tell us & we unleash custom algorithms & human experts to get those leads for you!

...And a campaign tool that's smart like you

Purpose-built Campaign Software

Your email prospecting tool should make you get better at prospecting. PipeCandy’s email prospecting tool is smart and saves you hours of productive time every day. Watch this space for exciting features that make prospecting rewarding for both you and your prospects!


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