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Don’t settle for just contact information. With PipeCandy’s e-commerce & retail specific predictive lead generation algorithms, discover exact fit leads.

Ask CandyBot for a quick estimate of the number of leads

Hey there, we track about 100 million e-commerce pages, 1 million retailer websites and 1000s of public & private sources every month.

Drill down to ideal e-commerce leads, instantly

There are more than a million e-commerce & retail leads. Narrow down based on tech, SKU, shipping, traffic & cross-border insights. Use Predictive to prioritize!

Find me e-commerce websites that use Shopify & Magento, with greater than 50k monthly unique visitors and 5000+ employees having revenue greater than $10M that use a product recommendation software.

Beyond Retail & Ecommerce Leads

Data, Insights & Subject Matter Expertise

The PipeCandy Platform is designed with one goal – To make your team better at sales outreach.

Data, insights and expertise all come hand-in-hand, to help you get better at outreach. So beyond helping you with predictive lead generation, PipeCandy offers more layers of value to help you get better returns on your data investments.

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Concierge helps you ‘Go To Market’ the right way – From providing strategic market insights to hand-crafting emails, we support you with our expertise in getting 5x engagement!

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We do ABM for you

Our partners, guided by our in-house ABM experts, execute multi-channel ABM outreach playbooks for your target accounts and hand-off warm leads to your sales team.

Go Predictive. PipeCandy's Predictive lead generation models qualify need, timing and budget like your best sales rep!

Got a lot of leads?

PipeCandy's three dimensional predictive lead scoring improves win-rate by predicting which leads are more likely to close.


Fit Score (Are your prospects the exact fit for your offerings?)


Intent Score (Are they in the market or will be in the market soon?)


Opportunity Score (Do they have the budget or scale to invest in your offerings?)

Reduce your ‘time to closure’ by over 100%. Improve win rates by more than 300%. Be the marketing team that sales teams love!

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Rated 5 stars on Capterra by your peers!

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Andrew Page, Head - Demand Generation at Agiliron icon
Rajaraman, Cofounder at Chargebee icon
Rishabh Ladha, Partner at SquadRun icon

Quotes IconPipeCandy has helped us discover hard to find omnichannel retail / e-commerce leads and develop outreach campaigns that are both efficient and scalable. These efforts have contributed to an increase in the number of conversations we have with relevant prospects each month.

Andrew Page, Head - Demand Generation at Agiliron

Quotes IconPipeCandy’s powerful data science capabilities find us sales leads that are strongly tied to our value proposition. Their configurable prospecting platform helps Chargebee personalise sales campaigns and tailor them to niche, unique segments.

Rajaraman, Cofounder at Chargebee

Quotes IconSquadRun works with world’s leading e-commerce companies in streamlining their data. We sell a fairly complicated product to several niches and getting the outreach right isn’t easy. PipeCandy moved very quickly and methodically to derive enough context to ensure that the campaigns were successful and on target.

Rishabh Ladha, Partner at SquadRun

Fill your sales reps' calendars with qualified meetings every day

Use data, insights & predictive scores from PipeCandy to get more qualified retail & e-commerce leads.

PipeCandy’s predictive algorithms automate the lead generation process for you


With preset filters, use our platform to target only those leads that are directly relevant to your business.

Prioritize Leads

You’ve generated the leads. Now, what? How do you go about prioritizing them? Who are the leads that have a higher chance of becoming your customers? PipeCandy answers those questions for you.

Close deals

Sales is a question of solving a data problem. If data is fixed, it becomes easy to close deals. PipeCandy as a platform provides industry-specific nuances that helps your sales reps with their pitches.

High Quality Retail & E-commerce Leads. Prioritized.

Predictive Lead Generation is not just for big enterprises. Talk to us. Build a very high quality and predictable lead funnel for your sales team. Close more deals. It more than pays for itself.

World-class organisations use PipeCandy to predict retail & e-commerce leads

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