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PipeCandy’s algorithms analyze 50 million companies and pick the right prospects for you every day! So when you email them, they respond to you like they’ve known you for a while!

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Get more positive responses from your prospects!

Discover very relevant talking points like technologies used, app ratings, products sold, stores opened etc. (More prospect-level talking points coming soon!).

Classify your inbound leads based on custom attributes that are important for you!

Industry-specific lead generation models that get you leads that no other data provider can!

Retail & Ecommerce

Retail companies and
Ecommerce companies lists
segmented by attributes like store count, omnichannel presence etc.


SaaS leads that are classified based on whether they really sell software
on subscription or socks &
scarves in a box.


Data on all app publishers across the world with versatile segmentation
that  helps  you  target
with  precision!

World-class organizations use PipeCandy for intelligent prospecting.

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