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The only predictive marketing platform that exclusively predicts which e-commerce & retail leads have the intent to buy from you.

An 'Industry Aware' Predictive Marketing Platform

Been hearing about predictive marketing and predictive lead generation? Your spidey sense wondering how could it possibly bring you relevant leads without understanding anything about your industry? We are with you!

That’s why we’ve built a predictive platform that is aware of your prospects’ industry. See how companies like yours use PipeCandy’s industry aware predictive platform.

Predicting in-market retail & e-commerce leads, like a boss!

Be a prepared marketer. Find 'in market' e-commerce and retail leads.

Tell them exactly what they want to hear. Do ‘account based marketing’, the right way!

You can’t do 'account based marketing' without 'account level intelligence'

The technologies an e-commerce company uses or their traffic are lagging indicators. You need to anticipate what they will invest in, when they will convert stores into a pick-up point and when they’d start shipping internationally. Only then, your account based marketing campaigns can be contextual.

PipeCandy helps you connect the dots between what e-commerce companies sell, how they ship, where they collect returns and which technologies they are likely to pilot.

Use PipeCandy’s three-dimensional predictive scoring to identify ‘in-market’ retail and e-commerce leads.

"Before PipeCandy we bought lists, used simplistic tools. We didn't have organized, actionable insights. The ability to drill down to intent is a game changer for us."

Senior Director, Global Sales

Fortune 50, NYSE listed Tech Firm

"Squad works with world's leading e-commerce companies in streamlining their data. We sell a fairly complicated product to several niches and getting the outreach right isn't easy. PipeCandy moved very quickly and methodically to derive enough context to ensure that the campaigns were successful and on target."

Rishabh Ladha

Partner at Squad

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Large public companies all the way to small garage-stage startups leverage PipeCandy to improve their marketing effectiveness & campaign response rates.

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Beyond Retail and e-commerce leads

Data Science-Driven Marketing Strategy

Spending millions of dollars on customer acquisition? From discovering segments to deciding on marketing channels, mixing and refining them based on results - we apply data science to improve your results.

Make informed investments. Get predictable revenue.

Account Based Marketing Execution

With carefully selected agency partners, PipeCandy can help your marketing team run multi-channel B2B marketing campaigns - from selection of tools, data, strategy for outreach, campaign assets to reporting & campaign refinement, the agencies can get double digit response rates to your campaigns!

Fill your sales reps' calendars with qualified meetings every day

Use data, insights & predictive scores from PipeCandy to get more qualified retail & e-commerce leads.