Predict the next moves of eCommerce companies

Predict the next moves of eCommerce companies

using PipeCandy’s exclusive eCommerce data sets & predictive analytics models.

How our customers use PipeCandy

How our customers use PipeCandy

Across EU & Asia, PipeCandy discovers ideal fit eCommerce leads for DHL by applying an ensemble of models that do predictive lead scoring for DHL-specific contexts.

How our customers use PipeCandy

PipeCandy's NLP & text analytics models help BounceX discover new & emerging segments within the digital space that are hard to size up from traditional data sources.

How our customers use PipeCandy

PipeCandy's predictive analytics platform discovered the ideal customer profile from CRM data & recommended 'look alike' leads for account based campaigns and nurture campaigns.

How our customers use PipeCandy

PipeCandy's predictive insights platform helps Conversant discover 'ideal eCommerce targets' that are considered niche & typically undiscoverable by traditional data providers.

How our customers use PipeCandy

Quantum Metric discovers the right eCommerce companies that fit their qualification criteria. Qualified lead estimates are used to generate territory maps for the sales operations team.

How our customers use PipeCandy

An NYSE listed co. predicts which enterprise eCommerce leads are likely to invest in AI and ML technologies. PipeCandy discovers 'tech investment intent' for them.

Insights & Predictions based on unique eCommerce data sets

'Out of the box' Insights

'Out of the box' Insights

Firmographic Insights

Company name, Website, Social Handles, Employee count & more

Business Model Insights

SKU category, Proprietory SKU sub-category classification, SKU count

Tech Insights

eCommerce specific technologies identified & classified

Traffic Insights

Proprietary traffic rank built for eCommerce, Monthly visits and Unique visitors

Shipping Insights

Delivery time, Shipping & Returns policies, Shipping carrier relationships

Custom Business Insights

Any feature, policy or business model insight that you want to track

Solutions for different users & contexts

Solutions for different users & contexts

Corporate Strategy

Data, analysis, and predictions to help you devise and validate your eCommerce strategies

Corporate Innovation

Data-driven reports and visualizations on eCommerce markets, segments and product gaps

Market Research

Customized research – Done better and delivered faster, thanks to our datasets & eCommerce industry know-how

Retail Strategy Consultants

Behind-the-scene analytics, visualizations, predictions & data for your eCommerce projects

Sales Teams

Clean & accurate data – Online revenue, Shipping volume, Average order value & much more for eCommerce companies

Marketing Teams

Score eCommerce leads based on their propensity to buy your products or services.

Account-based Marketing

News & other ‘intent’ signals to prioritize eCommerce leads for account-based marketing campaigns

Investors - VCs, PEs, Hedge Funds

One-time and recurring analysis of public & private eCommerce companies. Data-driven theses validation

PipeCandy is the only eCommerce-focused predictive intelligence platform. But,
what does it mean to you?

Married to eCommerce

We do one thing – eCommerce market intelligence. Within eCommerce, we prioritize a few markets and a few business models only.

Research Driven

Most of us start and end the day with data, perspectives & analytics. Our research powers multi-million dollars worth of decisions every month.

Focus on the missing pieces

eCommerce is still an emerging industry. Data-sets are mostly scrapped lists with no real insights about the underlying businesses. We are investing to change this.

I want to find out if PipeCandy is a good fit for us.

I want to find out if PipeCandy is a good fit for us.

Sure. We will show you some very relevant & live examples with our predictive marketing platform.

Our platform, research & insights have been featured in

Market research made possible by PipeCandy eCommerce insights

Entering new eCommerce markets? Planning to acquire eCommerce companies? Commision PipeCandy to do a bottom-up and top-down research using its proprietary data and insights.


"Before PipeCandy we bought lists, used simplistic tools. We didn't have organized, actionable insights. The ability to drill down to intent is a game changer for us.

I have been actively advocating PipeCandy to my marketing teams."

Senior Director, Global Sales

Fortune 50, NYSE listed Tech Firm


"PipeCandy not only breaks down the technology usage of prospects, but also provides insights on their online revenue, shipping & omnichannel maturity.

We find the team to be responsive, helpful and educational; Everyone has been exceptional to work with"

Avi Shapiro

VP Sales

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I am evaluating some tools. Can you show me a demo?

I am evaluating some tools. Can you show me a demo?

Of course! We can also help you with some unbiased insights for your evaluation. Please drop your email id below.