Data Scientist

Location: Chennai

Experience: 2+ years

We are looking for Data Scientists who will help us build high-quality prediction and recommendation systems to be integrated with our products. Your primary focus will be to use your quantitative knowledge, programming skills and analytical ingenuity to discover information hidden in vast amounts of data, and help businesses make smarter decisions.


  • Works to develop analytical/ data mining/ machine learning models using Python, R and other tools
  • Gather, evaluate and document requirements, ability to build an algorithm (statistical/ data mining/ machine learning) based on requirements and specifications provided
  • Works with data and is able to conceptualize and improvise analytical solutions to problems
  • Ability to deploy analytical algorithms within a larger business application
  • Ability to visualize data and results of data analysis & analytical models


  • Experience with statistical analysis using R and Python. Experience with Spark, ML and Java as plus
  • Good experience in data discovery, exploration and algorithm development
  • Experience with working on large data sets and developing scalable algorithms
  • Hands-on experience of machine learning and data mining algorithms such as decision trees, classifiers, text mining/ NLP, clustering, and regression
  • Exp in SAS, SPSS is a plus
  • Knowledge of Hadoop and other distributed computing platforms
  • Broad knowledge of data mining, NLP algorithms, machine learning algorithms and other techniques technologies
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

If this sounds like something you enjoy, then do apply. We'd love to hear from you!