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6sense Alternatives

Why PipeCandy is a better 6sense alternative for eCommerce & retail leads.


What makes PipeCandy a better alternative to 6sense?
Let’s look at some facts.

6Sense is a general purpose predictive marketing platform. It tracks press releases, technology changes, white paper downloads and such combinations of business & intent signals. Pipecandy is built for eCommerce. The business attributes we track are unique to eCommerce – omnichannel maturity, payment/cross-border commerce inflections etc.PipeCandy is a better alternative to 6sense for targeting global eCommerce leads.

Classifications that are better than 6sense

PipeCandy enriches eCommerce company data with 100+ eCommerce specific attributes. In the absence of any news or events worth reporting about small/mid-sized eCommerce companies, PipeCandy can still predict prospects based on recognizing eCommerce specific patterns.

Intelligence that you don't get from 6sense or any other alternative

PipeCandy tracks online businesses globally and builds eCommerce companies sub-set from this massive raw data pipe. No other predictive company focuses so deep on one industry and so, PipeCandy is a better alternative to all general purpose predictive companies when it comes to targeting eCommerce leads.

PipeCandy doesn't stop with data. It gives you a prioritized lead list to sell to

PipeCandy predicts the moves of global eCommerce leads in your watchlist. Our predictions go beyond the needs of sales and marketing teams. Analysts, Corporate development executives, eCommerce CEOs & VCs use our insights.

Looking for a 6sense Alternative for eCommerce and retail leads? Check out the eCommerce leads from PipeCandy, in action.

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Pipecandy has helped us discover hard to find omnichannel retail/eCommerce leads and develop outreach campaigns that are both efficient and scalable. These efforts have contributed to an increase in the number of conversations we have with relevant prospects each month.

Andrew Page

Head - Demand Generation, Agiliron

How account based marketing is done better with PipeCandy?

PipeCandy discovers eCommerce insights at scale using data science.

Your best sales reps can access insights across a variety of aspects of an eCommerce company – right from their business model down to who they ship with.

Finally, your best sales reps can focus on winning accounts instead of throwing darts, trusting their luck!

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Don't let your 6sense investment hurt your sales. Switch to PipeCandy!

Don't let your 6sense investment hurt your sales. Switch to PipeCandy!

It takes only 10 minutes to find out how Pipecandy can help discover new leads.