About PipeCandy

Our story actually goes back to the previous companies of our founders.

Ashwin was running ContractIQ – a mobile app development marketplace and Murali was running Ideas2IT – a product engineering company that was one among the top vendors in the ContractIQ network.

Over a few thousand sales pitches that Ashwin had witnessed on ContractIQ, one thing came out very clearly – The importance of the right story pitched to the right person at the right time. Time & again, all else remaining the same, the sales rep with a relevant story won.

On the other side of the table, Murali was trying to figure out why his closure rates are better than that of his reps, even though he is a technologist selling out of necessity. It turns out, the answer is the same – Murali knew the folklore of his company and could weave relevance into his stories.

As they both delved deeper & ran experiments in their respective companies, they realized that data & insights applied at the right time, helps bring more prospects and close deals better.

A year later, Murali and Ashwin came together to build PipeCandy. They were later joined by Shrikanth whom Ashwin met 13 years ago when they did their masters’ education together. Shrikanth was applying data science principles for customer acquisition in the consumer focused industries for CapGemini. He came on board to build prospect intelligence solutions for PipeCandy.

We’re building an important company in the sales prospecting space but at the same time we’re building a workplace that brims with camaraderie and an urge to achieve. If you are kicked about what PipeCandy is doing, join us – we’ll always find a place for people with a spark in their eyes!

The Team
Slips poor jokes & gets away with a poker face. Carries a no BS attitude at getting things done. First to arrive at the office, Ashwin’s energy does not ebb through the day. Ashwin is one of the co-founders and he sets the tone for marketing, sales, design & culture.
He uses ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Lord of the rings’ references to explain concepts. Need we say more? Has built four companies and talks as fast as the bullet train; maybe that’s the speed with which thoughts whiz by his brain. Murali tackles strategy and tech for PipeCandy and is one of the co-founders.
He’s the perfect guide to every novice in the field of data science. The resident data whiz has built data science teams for a number of big companies and is the monk who has the answers for every data science problem you throw at him. Shrikanth is one of the co-founders of PipeCandy.
Prankster at work, Aswin brings a high level of energy into whatever he does! His interests vary like the poles – On a holiday, he can either sleep for hours, take off on long rides or spend time with kids in an orphanage. Aswin builds applications at PipeCandy
He has a hidden Master Chef in him – cooking is his stress buster. Prabhu gets everyone dancing to his tunes – On a more literal note, fabulous dancer with a flair for always tickling everyone’s funny bone. Prabhu slays bugs at PipeCandy.
His parents and Abdul Kalam have been his biggest inspiration. Gokul has a mischievous glint in his eyes and that innocent kid like spirit in him is kept alive through video games. Gokul crunches data so that your prospect lists are always fresh.
Siva is a huge cricket buff and a big fan of MS Dhoni. His eye for details makes him highly meticulous even while listening to music. Siva is the human API for data teams in PipeCandy.
On a lazy day, you’ll find Suriyah taking his dog around for a drive. Digs long drives in SUVs and cross country road trips top his bucket list. When not plotting his trips, Suriyah evangelises the idea of PipeCandy.
Beneath those glasses, lies a dancer who can’t stop tapping his feet to Spanish and Indian music. Another travel zealot with a perfect flair for picking up new languages. Sujay knows the art and the science of writing conversion-oriented sales emails.
Finds coding easier than talking about himself. He actually enjoys making sense of numbers and statistics for fun! But on his relaxed days, you will find Aditya indulging in Yanni’s music and TV shows like 24, Monk and White Collar. Aditya builds data products at PipeCandy.
Joswin is a true data worshiper. He enjoys solving puzzles and his true happiness lies in the ‘aha moments’ discovered through data – stories that are weaved from numbers and statistics. He is on a mission to complete watching the top 100 movies on IMDb.
Nikilav spends his weekends writing and directing short films and watching movies. Adventure fanatic with skydiving and scuba crossed off his bucket list. Travels the world but manages to stick to his vegetarian roots. Nikilav is the master of email conversions & knows how to get everyone to read your emails.
If you suggest watching a movie or playing cricket, you’ll find a huge grin on Magesh’s face. ‘Good food makes any day better’ is the philosophy that Magesh lives by. Well there’s no argument there. Magesh helps us keep your data squeaky clean.
People development and dance make her go all wide eyed crazy! A psychologist by profession, being non-judgmental is part of her personality. Adrenaline & travel freak who is trying to smash this patriarchal society. Sakina hacks hiring for PipeCandy and helps set the tone for our culture.
The displaced ‘North Indian’ who effortlessly fits in wherever he goes – embraces the food and culture of any location. He grew up in a desert (Rajasthan), studied in the mountains (Kashmir) and is now working near the sea (Chennai). Rahul builds applications for PipeCandy and is a keen catcher of oddball use cases.
He is the ever smiling face who remembers to greet every individual. Give him two plates of biryani at any point of the day and he will wipe it clean. Prabin is meticulous and is a key member of our data cleansing team.