Account-based marketing

Account-based Marketing is what large, traditional enterprises have done all along – Name a few accounts as ‘must-win’ accounts based on their fit and go all out to win them.  Modern sales tech companies have built tools to enable the workflow of account-based marketing.

PipeCandy gives you unique data & insights to make your ABM campaigns wildly successful!


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Business Nuances

While there are specialist data providers for contact information, technology usage etc. the picture is incomplete unless you know about the business nuances about the lead.

Good account-based marketing campaign starts with knowing as much as possible about a prospect.

Richer the data & insights, better the outcome of your ABM campaigns.

Your account-based marketing efforts will be only as effective as the data that powers them. Here’s how PipeCandy empowers each step of your account based marketing campaign preparation.

Select accounts using better data

Let’s say, you are targeting e-commerce leads. PipeCandy’s analytical models go beyond cookie-cutter data to tell you technology, logistics, business model & other insights that help you prioritize the leads for your account-based marketing campaigns.

With PipeCandy you get enough clarity on prioritizing the leads for your account-based marketing campaigns.

Discover & map contacts beyond what their titles say

Prioritizing the leads is only half the job in account-based marketing campaigns. A buyer is rarely one person. Multiple personas with different expectations evaluate your offerings.

PipeCandy discovers personas from your CRM data & also semantically discovers decision makers who you’d otherwise miss out.

Develop account insights

Deep account-level insights are good for sales conversations. Has your e-commerce prospect recently acquired a warehouse? Are they launching physical stores? PipeCandy’s prospect deep dive service teams up your sales reps with our analysts. They build rich, human-verified insights about the top accounts in your account based marketing funnel.

Long story short, we’re the best thing that can happen to your account-based marketing campaigns, if you are targeting retail and ecommerce leads.

Your prospects trust you when you speak their language & demonstrate understanding of their business.

Response rates for campaigns that target prospects just with firmographic & technographic data

0.5% - 2%

Response rates for campaigns that use industry specific insights from PipeCandy

10% - 15%

How PipeCandy works

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Industry specific nuances

PipeCandy’s sophisticated machine learning and natural language processing models take in a wide variety of data & deliver business insights. It’s a case of the sum being bigger than the parts.

With PipeCandy’s integrated, single view approach to industry-specific nuances, tech, and decision maker data, you would have all the right insights you need, to segment your leads, prioritize and reach out to them through your account-based marketing campaigns.

Don’t get left behind

Your peers and competitors targeting retail and e-commerce leads as you do, are waking up to the power of using industry insights for prospecting