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Building a consistent & predictable outbound sales funnel for Agiliron



Agiliron is a software for retailers who have presence across various sales channels like marketplaces (eBay, Amazon etc.). The software also streamlines and integrates multiple backend systems that retailers use to run their operations and sales.


Agiliron, for about half a decade, was reliant on partners and word of mouth to reach out to retailers. Such an approach did not allow them to build a very deliberate, high quality 'top of the funnel' sales pipeline.

Without much insights on the type of ecommerce & retail companies (for ex. the categories of items they sell, their presence across sales channels and whether they had a wholesale business model, etc.) any campaign would receive lackluster results.


By strategically using outbound marketing, we built a very high quality lead pipeline for Agiliron's sales reps.


For several campaigns, Agiliron received over 7% responses rate which is 3x to 5x better than the average.

PipeCandy, with its predictive lead generation platform and concierge services, solved this problem in three steps

By analyzing a massive data set of over 50000 companies, PipeCandy's algorithms were able to discover retailers that had omni-channel presence. This was important because, Agiliron's value proposition suited well only for omni-channel retailers.

PipeCandy's predictive algorithms ranked retailers based on how well entrenched their omni-channel strategy was. This was important for Agiliron to run very targeted campaigns.

The Concierge team of PipeCandy, conveyed the value proposition of Agiliron to different segments through email messages that were optimized for high response rates.

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Pipecandy has helped us discover hard to find omnichannel retail / ecommerce leads and develop outreach campaigns that are both efficient and scalable. These efforts have contributed to an increase in the number of conversations we have with relevant prospects each month.

Andrew Page

Head - Demand Generation, Agiliron

For the first time, Agiliron was able to run a high-quality outreach campaign at scale with the right data.

Since the lead lists were hyper-curated for fit to Agiliron's business, the response rates were high. For several campaigns, they received over 7% responses rate which is 3x to 5x better than the average.

Agiliron could systematically clear segments and move on to test hypotheses about new segments due to PipeCandy's ability to assemble the right data with deep insights.

Over the last two quarters, PipeCandy has built a consistent and predictable outbound sales funnel for Agiliron. Based on the success, Agiliron has expanded its relationship with PipeCandy to identify and target new markets for their forthcoming campaigns.

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