Discover potential threats and acquisition opportunities

Discover potential threats and acquisition opportunities

Digitally Native Vertical Brands and 1000s of DTC brands are taking over the aisles and social feeds. Celebrity-backed modern brands clock millions of dollars in revenue within months. Don’t get off guard. With brand intelligence, you can track the brands that matter and partner or acquire at the right time.

Get customized insights from PipeCandy about fast-growing direct to consumer brands and categories.

Market Intelligence

PipeCandy has built the largest data set of DTC and Digitally Native Vertical Brands in the US. We identify, classify and track the growth of these brands, in terms of traffic, web sales, shipping volumes, and social buzz.

Get customized market research done on DTC categories and segments that are of strategic importance to you.

Brand Intelligence

Build a consideration set of brands worth following, using PipeCandy’s customizable analytical models for brand intelligence that help you set the criteria, score brands and track them on a daily basis. Get monthly reports with actionable insights from our analyst desk, that you can act on.

Never miss tracking a potential threat or an opportunity to acquire or partner.

Discover Retailers for partnerships

Track specialty online retailers and big-box retailers that work with competing brands in your category. Discover which online retailers are growing and declining. Partner with the right retailers to supercharge your growth.

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Fast growing direct to consumer brand

Identifying the right retail partner is key for our next leg of growth. PipeCandy’s market and brand intelligence is an efficient way for a brand owner to discover channel partners that are healthy financially and have the shopper demographics that matter to us.

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