Analysis Of Canadian Retail Ecommerce Market Share | 2021 Statistics

Updated as of Dec 10, 2022

Canada eCommerce Market Share


Total eCommerce storesin Cananda


In recent years, Canada has become particularly profitable for eCommerce companies and merchants. The country saw a 56% year-on-year increase in retail eCommerce sales in March 2021 as compared to March 2020. It is the 9th largest eCommerce market space globally in terms of physical goods web sales and claims almost 5% of the world’s aggregate gross merchandise value. According to PipeCandy’s estimates, the Canadian B2C ecommerce market market share is around $90-Billion engaging 2.5% of all active and substantial commerce businesses in the world.

Canada eCommerce Market Share by Sales

<1M 82.27%
1M-50M 16.86%
50M-100M 0.45%
100M-500M 0.37%
500M-1B 0.04%
>1B 0.01%

Canada eCommerce Market Share by Web Traffic

>3M 74.09%
1M-3M 22.08%
500K-1M 1.84%
100K-500K 1.49%
10K-100K 0.44%
<10K 0.06%

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Detailed Analysis Of Canada Retail Ecommerce Market Share

Canada Retail Ecommerce Market Share by Revenue

Within the B2C Physical Goods Market, 62% of all eCommerce sales are generated by less than 1% of enterprises in the country including Amazon and big-box retailers like Walmart, Home Depot and Costco. About 32% of all retail ecommerce sales were generated by websites powered by Shopify.
According to our estimates, more than 80% (81.88%) of Canada’s ecommerce market is made up of many thousands of small businesses selling niche products and making sales less than $1-Million per year. This number grows to almost 97% (97.39%) when we talk about businesses generating less than $10-Million in sales. Moreover, almost 1/4th (25.27%) of Canada’s aggregate retail eCommerce GMV is contributed by enterprises whose stand-alone GMV share is less than $10-Million.

Canadian Retail Ecommerce Market Share by Web Traffic

96% of B2C eCommerce sites in Canada get less than 5000 visits a month. Less than 0.5 % of the websites get more than 100,000 visits a month and all of them have a traffic rank of 500,000 or less. Amazon’s Canada portal sees around 160 million monthly visits compared to 200 million to its US portal while Walmart’s Canada portal sees around 33 million visits a month compared to 100 million visits on its US portal.

Canada Ecommerce Market Share by Product Category

Fashion and Apparel is the second-largest eCommerce product category in Canada. It accounts for 24 % of all e-commerce GMV. About 28 % of all eCommerce merchants in Canada form this category, with 84% of them generating revenue of less than a million dollars. Sporting and outdoor accounts for 44% of total web sales generated by just 8% of all ecommerce businesses, making it a trade of high return and low competition Within the same category, the top 3 online retailers generate more web sales than 90% of the businesses in the industry.

Future Trends of Canadian Retail and Ecommerce Industry

Double-digit sales growth is projected to 2023, as consumers migrate to online shopping as a result of restrictions to physical retail imposed by COVID-19. The Canadian market is expected to have an upward Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in the coming years and grow at more than 12% by the end of 2021.

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