Perks & Benefits

Movie Nights & Lots of Cakes | PipeCandy

Movie Nights & Lots of Cakes

Monthly movie nights with the whole team and cakes on special occasions are traditions at PipeCandy.

Kindle Account for Books | PipeCandy

Kindle Account for Books

You're free to buy books that are work/team-related. All employees have access to PipeCandy's Kindle library!

Munchies round-the-clock | PipeCandy

Munchies round-the-clock

We stock our pantry on a weekly basis. So, you'll always have something healthy and tasty to munch on!

Health Insurance | PipeCandy

Health Insurance

Health insurance not just for you. It covers your immediate family as well!

Employee Stock Options | PipeCandy

Employee Stock Options

Being the fast-growing startup that we are, we provide an opportunity to avail ESOP early on.

Flexible Work Hours & Leave Policy | PipeCandy

Flexible Work Hours & Leave Policy

We're very flexible on the work hours and leave policy as long as you get sh*t done!