Brazil eCommerce Market Shares |2022 Statistics

Updated as of Mar 10, 2023

Brazil accounted for a third of the LATAM eCommerce market, making it the largest among the Latin American countries. In 2021, Brazillian eCommerce accounted for USD 36B in sales growing 27% YOY. This growth was fueled significantly by the average Brazilian’s penchant for mobile commerce, which accounts for about 52% of the total eCommerce sales.

Brazil Physical Goods eCommerce Market Share by Number of Companies

Brazil’s eCommerce market is dominated by local small and micro businesses (SMB), in terms of volume. PipeCandy's estimates show 85% of the B2C (physical goods) merchants had sales of less than USD 1M. Mercado Livre, the market giant, is the Brazilian online shopper’s favorite in terms of top e-commerce websites. Some of the other big players are Americanas, OLX Brazil, Magazine Luiza, Casas Bahia and Amazon.

#Web Sales RangeeCommerce companiesMarket Share
1 <1M 46,868 85.23%
2 1M-50M 7,994 14.54%
3 50M-100M 71 0.13%
4 100M-500M 51 0.09%
5 500M-1B 4 0.01%

There are 309,367 eCommerce companies in Brazil in 2022
The aggregate online sales of physical goods eCommerce companies in European Union was USD 36B in 2021


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Brazil eCommerce Market Share by Traffic Rank

In a market of 41M online shoppers, over 7.3M Brazilians shopped online for the first time in 2020. SMBs are currently transitioning through the early stages of selling online. Unicorn-and-recently-public VTEX and Nuvemshop, enable small entrepreneurs to build and grow their online businesses while retaining all local nuances.

#Traffic RankNumber of CompaniesMarket Share
1 < 10K 85 0.03%
2 10K - 100K 455 0.15%
3 100K - 500K 1,164 0.38%
4 500K - 1M 1,761 0.57%
5 1M - 3M 38,684 12.50%
6 3M - 10M 120,249 38.87%
7 10M+ 146,969 47.51%

The Brazil has a market share of 3.5% of eCommerce merchants globally in 2022
The Brazil has a market share of 3% of aggregate global eCommerce GMV generated in 2021
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Brazil eCommerce Market Share by Product Category

33% of B2C Physical Goods eCommerce companies in Brazil are Fashion and Apparel companies. Fashion and Apparel companies generated 32% and Grocery and Home Supplies category generated 5% of physical goods eCommerce sales in Brazil

#Product CategoryNumber of CompaniesMarket Share
1 Fashion and Apparel 18,063 32.85%
2 Food and Beverages 6,645 12.08%
3 Arts and Entertainment 4,342 7.90%
4 Consumer Electronics and Appliances 3,199 5.82%
5 Sporting and Outdoor 3,067 5.58%
6 Health and Fitness 2,810 5.11%
7 Grocery and Home Supplies 2,776 5.05%
8 Home and Garden 2,731 4.97%
9 Automotive and Vehicles 2,118 3.85%
10 Hobbies and Interests 1,921 3.49%

The aggregate GMV of Fashion and Apparel in Brazil is USD 16B
The aggregate GMV of Consumer Electronics in Brazil is USD 6B
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