Analysis Of Russia Retail eCommerce Market Share|2022 Statistics

Updated as of Feb 10, 2023

Russia is the world’s eighth-largest eCommerce market with B2C physical goods of USD 47.98B. eCommerce market share has risen from 4% in 2017 to 12% in 2021 of the country's total retail market. The country’s online shopping became popular during the pandemic. The big marketplaces, such as Wildberries, Ozon, AliExpress Russia, Yandex Market, and Sber Mega Market witnessed significant growth. E-groceries were the fastest-growing segment.

Russia Physical Goods eCommerce Market Share by Web Sales

Russia’s eCommerce market is long-tail heavy. PipeCandy estimates that 84% of the merchants generate annual online sales of less than USD 1M. Less than 1% of the companies generate more than USD 50M in annual online sales

#Web Sales RangeeCommerce companiesMarket Share
1 <1M 40,667 83.97%
2 1M-50M 7,388 15.25%
3 50M-100M 63 0.13%
4 100M-500M 49 0.10%
5 500M-1B 4 0.01%

There are 2,17,807 eCommerce companies in Russia in 2022
The aggregate online sales of physical goods eCommerce companies in Russia was USD 47.98B in 2021


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Russia eCommerce Market Share by Traffic Rank

According to PipeCandy 46% of eCommerce companies have a traffic rank of 10M+

#Traffic RankNumber of CompaniesMarket Share
1 < 10K 197 0.09%
2 10K - 100K 913 0.42%
3 100K - 500K 2,087 0.96%
4 500K - 1M 3,108 1.43%
5 1M - 3M 27,138 12.46%
6 3M - 10M 84,054 38.59%
7 10M+ 100,310 46.05%

The leading players in Russia's eCommerce market are, and The three together account for 45% of online revenue in Russia.
In 2021, Russia's eCommerce market experienced a growth of 16% y-o-y. It is likely to grow at a CAGR of 5% between 2021-2025.
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Russia B2C Physical Goods eCommerce Market Share by Product Category

Around 33% of B2C Physical Goods eCommerce companies in Russia are Fashion and Apparel companies. In terms of GMV, Fashion and Apparel companies generated 33% and Food and Beverage category generated 9% of physical goods eCommerce sales in Russia

#Product CategoryNumber of CompaniesMarket Share
1 Fashion and Apparel 16,041 33.12%
2 Food and Beverages 5,582 11.53%
3 Arts and Entertainment 3,972 8.20%
4 Sporting and Outdoor 3,098 6.40%
5 Consumer Electronics and Appliances 2,932 6.05%
6 Home and Garden 2,882 5.95%
7 Health and Fitness 2,707 5.59%
8 Automotive and Vehicles 2,323 4.80%
9 General Merchandise 1,987 4.10%
10 Office Supplies and Stationery 1,173 2.42%

The aggregate GMV of Fashion and Apparel in Russia is USD 15.8B
The aggregate GMV of Grocery and Home Supplies in Russia is USD 1.62B
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