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Portland, Oregon, United States


201-500 employees


2000 (17 years ago)




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The low-down on SynapseIndia's Revenue

We don’t just stop at contact! We gather 30 million data points about e-commerce companies like SynapseIndia. So, you don't just get a list. You get a reason to contact!

Technologies that power SynapseIndia

Discover which technologies make SynapseIndia tick. From superficial data gathering to insightful pitches, arm yourself with the necessary business insights needed to make your pitch.

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Connect the dots on SynapseIndia's site features

Combining the technology insights with e-commerce website features, PipeCandy helps you form a complete picture about SynapseIndia and other e-commerce prospects.

Insightful information about SynapseIndia's web-traffic

We offer more than just traffic and visitors. Alter your fulfillment, payment or tech offerings to SynapseIndia based on the geo-distribution of traffic!

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Omnichannel information

Does SynapseIndia have a multi-channel presence?

Does SynapseIndia have an omni-channel presence? Are they pure-play e-commerce? How much revenue does each channel generate? Get a better picture of your prospect with PipeCandy.

How does SynapseIndia approach shipping?

Do they have shipping partners? Do they do cross-border shipping? Inventory-led? Drop shipping? PipeCandy has the answers for you. Tweak your pitch to SynapseIndia based on how they approach shipping!

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Warehouse location information

Learn about SynapseIndia's warehousing and store locations

Do they have brick and mortar stores? We get the count for you automatically. Not just that. We help you discover SynapseIndia's warehouse and fulfillment footprint.

What about SynapseIndia's SKU numbers, you ask?

We can help you with that too! Identify automatically what kind of product assortments does SynapseIndia sell and get a quick estimate of their SKU size. Our industry estimates & heuristics help you predict basket size for SKUs and the average order volume.

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Contact list

Find out whom to reach out to in SynapseIndia

It’s not just contact data of the C-level employees. We give you contact data of the employees at SynapseIndia with whom you have a better chance! What good is your sales pitch if you waste it on an irrelevant contact?

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