Why we exist

We map global eCommerce landscape. Not often do you see a 4 trillion dollar market being disrupted by a single company, leading way to a long tail of digital companies rewriting the rules.

PipeCandy is building deep insights about eCommerce companies and delivering it to sales, marketing, research, investment and corporate strategy teams of world-class companies. We do all this with a combination of human expertise, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Our founders

Ashwin Ramasamy

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Slips poor jokes & gets away with a poker face. Carries a no BS attitude at getting things done. First to arrive at the office, Ashwin’s energy does not ebb through the day. Ashwin is one of the co-founders and he sets the tone for marketing, sales, design & culture.

Murali Vivekanandan

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

He uses ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Lord of the rings’ references to explain concepts. Need we say more? Has built four companies and talks as fast as the bullet train; maybe that’s the speed with which thoughts whiz by his brain. Murali tackles strategy and tech for PipeCandy and is one of the co-founders.

Shrikanth Jagannathan

Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist

He’s the perfect guide to every novice in the field of data science. The resident data whiz has built data science teams for a number of big companies and is the monk who has the answers for every data science problem you throw at him. Shrikanth is one of the co-founders of PipeCandy.

Our Story

The Marketplace Itch

Around the middle of 2015, Ashwin who then was running ContractIQ, a B2B app developer marketplace had one persistent problem to solve – How to find very relevant leads for thousands of developers in the marketplace, in a scalable way.

The connection puzzle

Around the same time, just a few miles away Murali, the founder of Ideas2IT had a different problem – How do I stay on top of everything that I need to know about my prospects.


Around the end of 2015, Ashwin & Murali who had been working together on several projects over years, made an eventful trip to Bangalore to meet Shrikanth, who had gone to grad school with Ashwin. The trio encroached the conference room of Appknox, right on the day AppKnox had moved in. Between the opening ceremony, some cup cakes and feverish excitement was cemented the idea of ‘PipeCandy’.

The Birth of PipeCandy

By the end of february of 2016, PipeCandy got officially registered. The wheels were set in motion and by May, Shrikanth came full time onboard. By August of 2016, PipeCandy opened for business.

We hire people who are driven by an unsatiated need to disrupt the status-quo. We work with a sense of urgency but are patient about building a lasting company.

Everyone in PipeCandy thinks about helping sales reps get better at their jobs. Better sets in perpetual motion, a culture of thinking what else can I do that I haven’t done the previous day. Isn’t it fun to be in such a work place?

Be a part of our story!


PipeCandy is backed by some of the best institutional, angel investors and entrepreneurs based in San Francisco, India & Singapore. Here’s a partial list of investors