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Concierge is a structured, strategic exercise conceived to generate high returns for your ABM campaigns.

We answer pertinent questions so that you get unquestionable returns.

Universe Estimation

Identifying relevant segments

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Estimating the target market size

PipeCandy's market research and data science teams work together to present estimates of the universe of your prospects in the relevant target segments.

For very targeted account based marketing campaigns as well as semi-automated outreach to a large prospect base, the first question to be answered is what are the relevant segments and how big that universe is.

Buyer Persona Modeling

Customer Research

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Persona Identification

You may have one product. But different personas within your buyer organization have different reasons why they use your product. It's important that you discover these personas before you plan your outreach.

PipeCandy does both light-weight buyer persona identification based on conversations with your team and a sophisticated buyer persona discovery based on analysis of your existing customer base.

Target Dataset Creation

Firmographic & People Data

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Business Insights

Of course, PipeCandy's datasets come with rich 'industry-specific' insights for specific target industries.

Based on the segments and personas identified, your account manager assembles the right data sets of target prospects in batches, ready for your campaigns.

Campaign Messaging

Understanding buyer persona

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High-engagement emails

We know the best practices, tactics and hacks that work as of today.

PipeCandy's content writers create email messages optimized for high response rates. The messages are always written after understanding your offering, the buyer persona and what kind of messages could get them to engage.

Prospect Deep Dives

Strategic Insights

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Tactical Talking Points

Neatly structured reports on all things important about your important prospects - Never walk into a prospect meeting without feeling prepared!

PipeCandy's analyst teams piece together strategic and tactical insights about your prospects and their key decision makers from multiple sources. When your sales reps sit down for a meeting, they can be confident that they know most of what is there to be known.

How Concierge scales Agiliron's outbound sales pipeline

Being an omni-channel inventory management software, Agiliron had to identify retailers with omni-channel strategy and do that at scale.

PipeCandy discovered those retailers that have ecommerce presence through platforms that play well with Agiliron and enriched that data with insights on what other channels they sell through.

Over the last two quarters, Agiliron has been able to steadily grow its SDR team and the 'top of the funnel' lead lists through hyper-relevant leads that PipeCandy discovers for them.