Direct & actionable answers to complex questions about your eCommerce business

powered by PipeCandy's Commerce Insights Framework – a toolkit of proprietary global eCommerce and retail data, pre-built analytical models and big data infrastructure.

Four reasons why you should work with PipeCandy

PipeCandy is unique. Unlike traditional data science consulting firms, we exclusively focus on eCommerce and retail. We are a platform-first company, which is building one-of-its-kind industry graph about eCommerce. We get you answers that you otherwise cannot.

Our 'Commerce Insights Framework' comes with massive data and pre-built analytical models. You spend less on what you otherwise cannot get!

We have built unique insights about retail & eCommerce over the last 2 years using first-party data collection & data science techniques.

We have working relationships with 3rd party data providers and know who provides the 'best in class' data for your context.

Our founding team has over 60 years of combined expertise in analytics with significant retail analytics experience.

Commerce Insights Framework

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Customer Analytics Use cases

Customer Analytics Use cases

Marketing Effectiveness Use cases

Marketing Effectiveness Use cases

Pricing & Promotions Analytics

Pricing & Promotions Analytics

PipeCandy Customers & Founding Team

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Murali Vivekanandan

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

20+ years of technology experience. Built companies that delivered analytics solutions for the likes of Siemens, Microsoft etc. Alumnus of Google, Cisco & Charles Schwab.

Shrikanth Jagannathan

Cofounder & Chief Data Scientist

20+ years of analytics and data science experience, building solutions for large retailers and consumer brands. Alumnus of Johns Hopkins & IIT.

Ashwin Ramasamy

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

15 years of product development & B2B marketing experience in startup & enterprise contexts. Built and exited a B2B marketplace. Alumnus of IIT.

Discuss your analytics initiatives with us. Get a honest appraisal of if & how PipeCandy can make a difference.

NASDAQ Listed Retailer

Your ability to tailor solutions for specific needs of ours by pulling your data, 3rd party data and models has been very valuable for us.

Discuss your analytics initiatives with us. Get a honest appraisal of if & how PipeCandy can make a difference.