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eCommerce companies in France

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eCommerce companies in France are on track for eCommerce turnover of around $93 Billion in 2018, making a major mark on the global eCommerce market. About 40% of the french eCommerce customers purchase from companies offering crossborder shipping (mainly from China and the US) although the number of people shopping with local eCommerce companies in France is increasing.

Website features for marketing like AB testing and personalization have been adopted by more than 50% of the eCommerce companies in France while under 20% have implemented the eCommerce features.

Europe has been slower to adapt to omnichannel than North America or Asia. This is evident in the numbers with only 21% of eCommerce companies in France selling on more than one channel.

Get the list of eCommerce companies in France

Get the list of eCommerce companies in France

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List of companies

CompanyDomainEmployeesTotal Revenue
Bonna Sablabonnasabla.com1001-5000 employees500M - 1B
Mobalpamobalpa.com1001-5000 employees500M - 1B
Archos S.Aarchos.com51-200 employees100M - 250M
3Suisses3suisses.fr51-200 employees500M - 1B
Pigeon Enterprisesgroupe-pigeon.com1001-5000 employees500M - 1B
Bricebrice.fr501-1000 employees100M - 250M
Hotel Parc Beaumonthotel-parc-beaumont.com11-50 employees5M - 10M
Armand Thieryarmandthiery.fr1001-5000 employees500M - 1B
Nathannathan.fr201-500 employees50M - 100M
Natixis, S.A.natixis.com5001-10,000 employees> 5B
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Get insights on eCommerce in France

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