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eCommerce companies in Spain

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An estimated 46 million people live in Spain as of 2018 and almost 55% of them shop online, making it a huge market for eCommerce companies in Spain. Like most other European countries, fashion is the largest segment among eCommerce companies in Spain, making $4 billion of the $18 billion total eCommerce revenue.

The most globally popular eCommerce platform, Shopify, is also used by the most eCommerce companies in Spain. Magento,however, is pushed to the third spot by PrestaShop which is quite popular in Europe but not NA or Asia.

Spain, quite like Italy, France and the other European countries, excluding UK, has been slow to move to omnichannel. Onlyabout 24% of the eCommerce companies in Spain are selling through multiple channels.

Get the list of eCommerce companies in Spain

Get the list of eCommerce companies in Spain

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List of companies

CompanyDomainEmployeesTotal Revenue
Radio Carrera Sagrupcarrera.com51-200 employees25M - 50M
Aldana Sociedad Anonimagrupoaldana.com11-50 employees10M - 25M
GRUPO ANgrupoan.com1001-5000 employees500M - 1B
Editorial Oceanooceano.com1001-5000 employees500M - 1B
BeforeWork By Altadisaltadis.com1001-5000 employees500M - 1B
Lafuente - Colmado Quilezlafuente.es51-200 employees25M - 50M
Calzados Cioma S.L.agare.com11-50 employees5M - 10M
Jysk Dbl Iberia Sljysk.es51-200 employees10M - 25M
Woodys Barcelonawoodysbarcelona.com1-10 employees1M - 5M
Animalear.comanimalear.com11-50 employees5M - 10M
Get insights on eCommerce in Spain

Get insights on eCommerce in Spain

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