Competition benchmarking for eCommerce companies

There’s so much that happens at your competitors that you can track, but don’t. SKU distribution changes, category launches, omnichannel delivery initiatives, crossborder expansions, personalization initiatives – Don’t you need an elephant’s memory to track them all?

Track your competitors on auto-pilot

PipeCandy helps retailers and eCommerce companies benchmark against their competitors by deploying custom predictive analytics models. Below are some examples of custom predictive models to track competition in the retail & eCommerce landscape.

Discover category changes

With PipeCandy’s eCommerce-specific data sets, you can now track assortments sold by any eCommerce company.

Track what categories are in and what categories are out. Discover trends in the market as and when they take shape.

Stay on top, everyday with ‘easy-to-consume’ reports about your competitors.

Predict crossborder eCommerce expansion

Is your competitor expanding internationally? Did you hear it in the news like everybody else or did you anticipate?

Well, if you didn't, you have PipeCandy now. Track leading indicators that point to an increase in crossborder eCommerce.

Discover which competitor of yours is likely to ship internationally and which ones will set up shops internationally.

Track omnichannel & social selling maturity

Track how advanced your competition is, in offering seamless omnichannel purchase/post-purchase experiences.

Predict revenue across channels.

See who sells on Instagram and other social channels.

Assess competitiveness

How progressive are the eCommerce companies you compete with?

From channel strategy to pricing to customer experience – there are many ways to assess how progressive an eCommerce company is, considering its stage of growth.

Get customized reports on your competitors all through the year!

Your data sets about eCommerce are fantastic and very close to the gold dust data we're trying to find.

Director of Product & Customer Experience - Etsy

Effortlessly keep a tab on every eCommerce company in your radar

Build custom watch lists and track very specific aspects. Always be in the know.