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The best source of insights about mid-market and enterprise eCommerce companies. Predictions built on top of our insights help in making crucial decisions at world’s leading multi-national corporations and fast growing companies.

How are the data sets on eCommerce companies organized?

If you are a marketer or a sales operations executive, your primary use of PipeCandy is to generate eCommerce leads. If you are a CMO or a business head or an analyst, your primary use of PipeCandy is to generate insights about eCommerce companies. Our data sets cater to both.

Data sets and how you can visualize them

Mid-market eCommerce Companies

Enterprise eCommerce Companies

Visualize the above two data sets in different ways using our slice and dice user interface or through our Insights API. PipeCandy does not sell piecemeal lead lists. The below lists are ideas of how you could filter or enrich companies' data within the package you subscribe to.

eCommerce Leads Data Set - Filter by eCommerce platforms

WooCommerce Stores

BigCommerce Stores

PrestaShop Stores

eCommerce Leads Data Set - Enrich with business model insights

Virtual Goods eCommerce companies

B2B eCommerce companies

B2C eCommerce companies

Brand owned eCommerce websites

Grocery Retailers & eCommerce leads

eCommerce Leads Data Set - Filter by SKU Category

Fashion eCommerce leads

Kids Clothing, Toys eCommerce websites

World-class companies use PipeCandy to track global eCommerce landscape.

Transportation Insights
Clear Banc
Visible SCM

Run targeted sales campaigns using PipeCandy's eCommerce Data Sets

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