With eCommerce insights, discover leads that are a right fit for your tech

With eCommerce insights, discover leads that are a right fit for your tech

PipeCandy tracks 100s of 1000s of eCommerce merchants and maps their tech. With clean and latest data on tech, combined with 50 other eCommerce insights like web sales revenue, traffic, order volume, brand strategy, news etc., we are what you need when you grow out of alternatives like BuiltWith and Datanyze.

Identify eCommerce leads by the tech they use. Predict who is likely to use yours.

Find eCommerce leads

Find eCommerce leads using our ‘easy to use’ & ‘versatile’ filters. Discover companies by revenue (web sales range), web traffic, tech used, shipping volume, SKUs they sell and 50+ other attributes. Narrow down to eCommerce leads that are in your state.

PipeCandy has the cleanest and the latest eCommerce insights you’d find anywhere. Save time and acquire new eCommerce customers.

Start custom projects to assess the tech maturity of eCommerce leads and the path they took in the last three years to migrate to the current tech.

Score eCommerce leads for relevance & do account-based marketing

PipeCandy can connect to your CRM and predict new eCommerce leads that are similar to the ones that you close (or) predict new eCommerce leads that are a good fit based on their fit to your technology and any explicit intent they shared that points to their interest.

With a daily feed of news and eCommerce insights about your leads and the predictive lead scoring, you can do a ‘zero waste’ account based marketing all around the year and not just by attending the best eCommerce conferences in town.

Understand the total addressable market across all eCommerce segments

‘How many eCommerce companies are out there?’. Well, we answered that question here. But when it comes to planning your yearly revenue targets, guesstimates or reports are hardly enough.

You need to slice and dice companies by their revenue, shipping volume, growth rates, SKU types, B2B vs. B2C focus and other eCommerce insights to decide what could be your total addressable market. PipeCandy’s analyst team performs these ‘Total Addressable Market’ studies on your behalf.

Don’t go wrong by setting untenable revenue targets for the eCommerce segment. Do it right with our data and research.

Allocate eCommerce leads and territories objectively

Not all regions have the same density of eCommerce leads. PipeCandy could help you arrive at the most accurate estimate of eCommerce companies across all major English speaking markets and all the states in the US.

Allocate eCommerce leads across segments to your merchant acquisition teams in an equitable manner.

Launch your own thought-leadership content about eCommerce market trends

Want to do content marketing targeted at eCommerce companies but not sure where to start? Get access to PipeCandy’s research calendar and sponsor our research. Even better, commission our analyst teams to build custom research reports related to eCommerce technology adoption.

Start sending world-class, data-driven reports to your eCommerce prospects

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Venture funded, fast growing eCommerce lending company

PipeCandy’s eCommerce insights like merchant revenue are among the best estimates we’ve ever received. Combining that with intelligence on payment integrations, we are able to identify the exact set of eCommerce merchants that are a good fit for our eCommerce lending products.

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