Slice & dice filters for eCommerce insights with predictive marketing

PipeCandy is an eCommerce insights company. The PipeCandy Insights Platform is built ground-up to deliver unique insights that inform you about the market positioning, distribution strategy, assortment strategy, price positioning, shipping policy, customer experience strategy and several other aspects of eCommerce businesses.

Unique Attributes. Intuitive Experience. Seamless Integrations

Intuitive filter based user interface

Slice and dice eCommerce leads based on eCommerce-specific filters. Seems obvious but made possible for the first time, thanks to our unique data & b2b data analytics.

eCommerce-specific attributes

Online revenue, Shipping volume, SKU sub-categories, Omni-channel strategy etc. are unique to eCommerce. Track these and 100s of such attributes.

Company Search

Drill down to the company of your interest and pull detailed dossier about them. Know everything about them in 10 seconds.

Integrate with salesforce

Quick and out-of-the-box integration with salesforce for easy export of data and de-duplication.

Insights on the DIY Data Marketing Platform



Financial Information

Financial Information

Technologies Used

2 Technologies Used

Feature Presence

Feature Presence

Traffic Information

3 Traffic Information

Omnichannel Insights

4 Omnichannel Insights

Shipping Insights

5 Shipping Insights

The application is very easy to use and all the insights I need are very neatly laid out. This is my go-to app every morning. The PipeCandy team is super responsive if I need any help.

eCommerce Fulfillment Consultant


Build eCommerce lead lists or target companies - quickly & precisely!

Don’t allow lack of the right data or right interfaces slow down your work. Hit the ground running.

Export data to a csv file or to your CRM/Automation systems. Get work done, fast!

Unique insights are on the tap now. Accelerate your sales initiatives. We will back you!