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eCommerce leads. Plus, you are on the winning side.

In the last 5 years, we bet exclusively on eCommerce. Our timely bets means that we have every eCommerce and DTC lead you need to make your demand generation engine roar.

Now, who is the winner?

eCommerce leads. Plus, you are on the winning side.

List-building for A-listers

Narrow down to exact-fit leads. Enrich your CRM accounts.

Assured Coverage

Assured Coverage

We 6x-ed our coverage within a

year – from 1M to 6.5M.

Count on us, for the counts.

Physical Store Filter

Physical Store Filter

Brands and Retailers filtered based on

thier physical store presence. Search

even for brands on other retailers’ stores.

Monthly Refreshes

Monthly Refreshes

Stale data makes your campaigns fall flat.

PipeCandy data is refreshed every


PipeCandy data is meant for the kind of campaigns you always wanted to run.

And, we are free.


Our qualification criteria are complicated & very specific. We tested every lead list provider. With PipeCandy, we improved lead effectiveness by 30%. For a 15 salespeople organization, it's a lot.

Gil Levy

Gil Levy

VP of Global Marketing

Retail leads for SaaS

New leads. New info on existing CRM leads.

Shopify, Magento, DTC, Adtech, Fashion, AI – your campaign ideas are endless.

Thankfully, so is our dataset. Build eCommerce lead lists for any segment that matters to your SaaS business. Separate eCommerce leads from junk, in your CRM.Copy

Retail leads for Logistics

eCommerce order volume data. Delivered.

Track estimated shipping volumes of eCommerce companies.

Find who works with FedEx, UPS, DHL, and a dozen more last mile couriers. Size their market shares. Build your Go-To-Market plans and lists

eCommerce leads for Fintech

Lending credit? Lend credibility to your campaigns to eCommerce companies.

Discover eCommerce companies in growing niches that have not raised funding.

Find their revenue, BNPL/Alternative-payment investments, shipping maturity, technology investment maturity and more. Pitch perfectly.

eCommerce leads for VCs & PEs

Thesis. Sourcing. DueDil. Portfolio Support.

We track 150 categories, 1500 sub-categories and all substantial long-tail companies. Pick winners ahead of others.

Build your thesis using our TAM estimates. Source companies across niches. Do a category, company and competitor due-diligence. Support your portfolio with customer development campaigns.

List of eCommerce Companies by Category