Insights about eCommerce Leads for sales teams

PipeCandy’s insights platform is built to serve the eCommerce lead generation needs of sales teams selling to the eCommerce industry.

Improving precision in eCommerce lead generation initiatives – Some examples

Selling search & visual merchandising tech to eCommerce leads

PipeCandy improves your precision in prioritizing your eCommerce leads by,

1Telling you which eCommerce lead uses what search/merchandising tools.

2Estimating the number of SKUs on their websites.

3Predicting the likelihood of an eCommerce lead implementing a new search technology.

Selling payment tech to eCommerce leads

PipeCandy discovers the right eCommerce leads for payment tech vendors by,

1Finding the payment tools already integrated on the eCommerce website.

2Scoring based on payment maturity – based on the level of sophistication of payment related features on the website.

3Estimating online revenue based on the ‘industry’s best’ revenue estimation models.

Selling shipping tools and services to eCommerce leads

PipeCandy prioritizes the right eCommerce leads for shipping tools and services vendors by,

1Finding the shipping maturity of the eCommerce lead – based on automatic discovery of shipping policies.

2Assessing omni-channel maturity – based on measuring how seamless the customer experience is across channels.

3Estimating shipping volume for small parcels.

Read more such ideas on ‘Predictive for marketers’.

Business Insights on eCommerce Leads

Ecommerce Revenue Model icon

Ecommerce Revenue Model

Revenue of ecommerce companies estimated as a range value (Ex: $10M – $15M). The estimates are based on industry benchmarks of conversion, Average Order Value etc.

Online Stats Model icon

Online Stats Model

Statistics of both web and mobile web engagement: Typical metrics include page views, unique visitors, visits by countries of origin of traffic, web vs. mobile web split etc.

Business Insights Model icon

Business Insights Model

Segmentation of retail and ecommerce leads based on business models. Some examples: Marketplace vs. Independent Retailer, Fixed Price vs. Auction, Regional vs. Global reach etc.

Omni-channel Insights Model icon

Omni-channel Insights Model

Which channels does the retailer sell through? Mobile, Web, Offline Stores, Marketplaces, Wholesale portal etc. could be those channels. PipeCandy tracks them down for you.

Delivery Insights Model icon

Delivery Insights Model

Are they inventory-led or are they doing drop-shipments? Do they have their own warehouse or do they rely on fulfillment partners (custom model)? PipeCandy has these answers.

Target Insights Model icon

Target Insights Model

Find a retail lead / ecommerce lead based on the SKUs they sell, Shopper Profiles, Product Assortment positioning (Premium vs. Mass-market).

Customer Engagement Insights Model icon

Customer Engagement Insights Model

Find out if your ecommerce leads have loyalty programs or membership initiatives, if such customer engagement strategies are relevant data points for your sales outreach.

Technology Insights Model icon

Technology Insights Model

Classify retail & ecommerce leads by the technologies they use: Ecommerce Platform Tech, Web Engagement & Analytics Tech, Ad Tech, Personalization Tech, Shipping API tech.

Feature Insights Model icon

Feature Insights Model

Presence or absence of a feature tells you a lot about the ecommerce leads that you are pursuing. Track presence of faceted search, collaborative filtering & many such features.

Fulfillment Insights Model icon

Fulfillment Insights Model

Who are your ecommerce leads shipping with and what are their shipping policies? What shipping APIs are they using already? Gain such crucial insights before you pitch your shipping tech or services.

Social media Insights Model icon

Social media Insights Model

Which eCommerce companies and omnichannel retailers have a mature online presence and how many of them sell through such social channels? Find answers through our social media maturity model.

Custom Models

Need Insights that are not covered here? Tell us and we will build custom models for insights that you need for your sales initiatives.

Technologies Tracked


Technologies Tracked


Different kinds of technologies

Go beyond the data you get from the likes of BuiltWith or Datanyze. Build prediction models on top of technology usage data & go after the leads that are ripe for conversion!

Find insights about eCommerce leads in USA and across all other major markets!

Find insights about eCommerce leads in USA and across all other major markets!

Discover 100+ insights about for all the eCommerce companies.

World-class companies use PipeCandy to track global e-Commerce landscape.

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