Predictive Insights + Expert Consulting

Find answers that you need about eCommerce companies, segments or whole new geographies that matter to you!

Ready-to-use insights delivered in two ways

Insights API

Already have a list of eCommerce leads / target companies? Now, enrich them with our API. Find out their online revenue, business model, SKU distribution & 100+ other insights.

Insights Platform

Discover new eCommerce leads / target companies for lead generation or other strategic initiatives. Slice and dice them by revenue, segments, shipping volume and several other versatile filters. Import into Salesforce or other CRMs.

Traditional Predictive Marketing Platforms

Not built for eCommerce.

Lead scoring based on generic attributes like revenue, employee size etc. Miss the eCommerce attributes that matter.

Superficial scoring. Wrong conclusions.

PipeCandy’s predictive lead scoring platform

Built for scoring eCommerce leads. Scores based on tech, traffic, omnichannel, shipping, customer experience maturity & 100 other eCommerce specific attributes.


Acme Corp has just added ‘store locations’ on its website. So it’s no longer a ‘pure-play eCommerce company’ and it offers ‘Buy Online Pick Up at the Store’ option already & hence a good fit.

Traditional Analytical firms & Predictive Marketing Platforms

Predictive marketing platforms don’t make up-sell & cross-sell recommendations.

Outsourced analytics firms need data, understanding of your industry and they take a lot of time & money to get you the recommendations.

They don’t understand your business.

PipeCandy’s Growth Analytics Services

Built as a ‘framework based service’ on top of our data insights platform.

Pre-built big data infrastructure; Pre-built ‘cross-sell and up-sell recommendation models’ specific to industries like tech, fulfillment, logistics etc.


Acme Corp is likely to triple their inbound consignments & have hired a VP Logistics for the west coast. Pitch freight services.

Traditional Analytical firms & Predictive Marketing Platforms

Predictive marketing platforms don’t make LTV predictions.

Outsourced analytics firms do not have industry data like PipeCandy has, to benchmark LTVs or build growth models.

You are left with models that predict LTV based only on internal CRM data and that’s not accurate.

PipeCandy’s Life Time Value Analysis

PipeCandy's Life Time Value modeling is actually based on an ensemble of underlying models that track omnichannel, tech, payment and shipping maturity of eCommerce companies.

Combined with your internal data – you have the best forecasts of life time value of your eCommerce leads and customers.

Predictive for different personas

PipeCandy’s predictive platform supports different business functions which decide on different things – same data, different analyses.

We bring in our own data sets, third party data & pre-built analytical models and bigdata infrastructure to launch your analytics initiatives faster & better than traditional analytics firms – and of course, at better price points than consulting firms.


The discovery of our 'ideal customer profile' and planning lead gen based on that, all using data science was one of the best initiatives we had taken recently.

Could you show me some examples of analyses your data can support?

Surely. Drop your email address & a note about your context. We will get going!