Having a department store list or an ecommerce companies list doesn't get you customers

Your best prospects are not going to buy from you just because you know their names and email ids. They buy from you because you demonstrate that you know them and their contexts well.

While lead lists give you contact data, PipeCandy gives you contact reasons. We track over 25 different retail / ecommerce specific attributes that tell you about the current context of your prospects. Being authentic is back in fashion!

Not all the leads are same. Some are special!

You can slice & dice PipeCandy’s lists by reworking the relative importance of various criteria. Don’t send a cold email to someone who is worth a handwritten mail and a personal visit by your C-suite.

Your lists are limited only by your imagination

We respect that your business demands you to track unique aspects about your prospects. If we don’t already have the data, our analytical will build it for you. We’re your prospecting partner, not a data company!

Your prospects are dynamic. So are your lists!

The retail and ecommerce industries are fast paced. Business contexts change regularly. We keep your lead lists fresh, so that you can always be confident that you are reaching out with the right messages!