Engage with prospects that are already qualified. Always be closing!

The ideal day for a sales rep is filled with warm conversations with qualified prospects that are ready to be closed.

Leave list building, campaign strategy and email copywriting to us. With Concierge, the industry first data-science lead outbound marketing services, you can get as high as 80% open rates and 20% response rates. So, you can always be closing.!


Hands-on Outbound Campaign Strategy

We listen intently, research diligently and ask the right questions, to understand your business. We design campaigns everyday for world-class companies. You’re in good hands!

World-class outreach is now within your reach!

Outbound marketing is part science, part psychology & in fact a bit of art. PipeCandy crafts conversion-obsessed outbound emails targeted at hyper-relevant sales prospects. In short, Goodness!

Unlimited Experiments at scale!

Because we’ve perfected the art of outbound & the science of scaling data, we can execute your experiments without friction. It’s therapeutic to be able to execute as fast you can think, right?