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Closed lost? Not really.

Enrich your leads & engage again. Generate demand from your ignored CRM leads
with right segmentation and messaging.



All of Commercepedia datasets & custom data via API or flat files

Never let data troubles come in the way of your demand gen and product roadmaps

Fill the gap
Fill the gap

Just the data points you need for precise segmentation

100% Match
100% Match

Enrich even unmatched records

within days

Custom Data
Custom Data

Proof of concept within days. Scalable datasets within weeks.

See all the readily available datasets.


Our qualification criteria are complicated & very specific. We tested every lead list provider. With PipeCandy, we improved lead effectiveness by 30%. For a 15 salespeople organization, it's a lot.

Gil Levy

Gil Levy

VP of Global Marketing


The data backbone that puts you ahead in the eCommerce land grab

From David to Goliath – inside information on everyone. Get Firehose – the API keys to the kingdom of eCommerce & D2C brand intelligence.


eCommerce companies tracked


data points ready to be enriched

API Response of Attributes


"companyid": 32390,

"domain": "casper.com",

"name": "Casper",

"website": "https://casper.com/",

"domain_nature_code": "xxx001",

"meta_title": "The Best Bed for Better Sleep",

"meta_description": "Get the sleep you've always dreamed of. Casper's award-winning mattresses, sheets & more are quality-crafted and ethically built in the USA. Free shipping & returns!",

"city": null,

"state": null,

"country": "United States of America",

"regions": null,

"zip": null,

"address": null,

"product_category": [

"Home and Garden",

"Sporting and Outdoor"


"product_sub_categories": [

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