Market Analysis of The Health and Fitness Market Share

Updated as of Nov 10, 2022

Health and Fitness Market Share


Total Active Health and Fitness Store


With growing awareness, the health and fitness industry is witnessing new heights across the globe. Partly fueled by the ‘influencer era’, this growth provides a window opportunity for new entrants in the field looking for a foothold.

Health and Fitness Market Share by Web Sales

500K-1M 0.51%
<1M 74.9%
1M-5M 21.03%
5M-10M 1.31%
10M-25M 1.66%
25M-50M 0.2%
50M-100M 0.18%
100M-250M 0.12%
250M-500M 0.06%
1B-5B 0.03%

Health and Fitness Market Share by Web Traffic

<1K 11.8%
1K-10K 47.3%
10K-25K 15.87%
25K-100K 14.77%
100K-500K 7.32%
>500K 2.93%

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Health and Fitness Market Share By Region

Africa 0.16%
Latin America 0.63%
North America 84.74%
Asia Pacific 5.59%
Australia 0.23%
Europe 8.65%

Health and Fitness Market Share By Country

United States of America 79.8%
United Kingdom 7.07%
Canada 4.91%
Japan 2.07%
Australia 1.46%
India 1.37%
Colombia 0.56%
Ireland 0.41%
Germany 0.23%
New Zealand 0.19%
France 0.19%
Pakistan 0.25%


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Detailed Analysis and Insights On The Health and Fitness Market Share

Health and Fitness Market Share By Web Sales

An estimated 74.90% of Health and Fitness companies earned less than a million dollars in web sales. 21.03% of the companies pulled in $1M-5M, 1.31% earned $5M-$10M. The percentage of companies earning in excess of a billion USD was found to be only 0.06%.

Health and Fitness Market Share By Region

The United States was found to be the most health-conscious of all regions with 78.20% of the companies falling within its borders. The United Kingdom trailed a distant second with 7.07% of the market share. Canada, Japan, and Australia filled in the rest of the top five with 4.91%, 2.07%, and 1.46% of the stores accounted for.

When seen under a broader lens, North America tops the chart with 84.74% of the total companies, followed by Europe at 8.65%.

Health and Fitness Market Share by Traffic

Only an estimated 2.93% of the companies witness more than 500K visits per month. Over half (59.10%) of the Health and Fitness stores pulled in less than 10,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis.

Future Of Health and Fitness

The future looks bright for the Health and Fitness industry with a growing interest in fitness among the younger generation. Key regions like the Asia Pacific region and Latin America are primed for an explosion in growth as the social-media-fueled fitness craze continues to skyrocket the fitness industry to new heights.

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