Market Share Analysis of The Food and Beverage Industry

Updated as of Nov 10, 2022

Food and Beverages Market Share


Total Active Food and Beverages Stores


The Food and Beverage industry has been an integral part of commerce since time immemorial. As a cornerstone industry, it has established itself as a staple of daily life for billions of people around the world.

Global Food & Beverages Market Share by Web Sales

500K-1M 0.24%
<1M 82.64%
1M-5M 14.77%
5M-10M 1.13%
10M-25M 0.83%
25M-50M 0.15%
50M-100M 0.08%
100M-250M 0.05%
250M-500M 0.05%
500M-1B 0.02%
1B-5B 0.03%
5B-10B 0.01%

Global Food & Beverages Market Share by Web Traffic

<1K 12.71%
1K-10K 54.32%
10K-25K 14.77%
25K-100K 11.88%
100K-500K 4.59%
>500K 1.73%

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Global Food & Beverage Market Share By Region

Africa 0.18%
Latin America 0.97%
North America 82.63%
Asia Pacific 5%
Australia 0.29%
Europe 10.93%

Global Food & Beverage Market Share By Country

United States of America 76.92%
United Kingdom 8.74%
Canada 5.39%
Australia 2.05%
Japan 1.36%
Colombia 0.88%
India 0.85%
Germany 0.53%
Ireland 0.31%
New Zealand 0.29%
France 0.29%
Italy 0.25%


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Detailed Analysis and Insights On The Food and Beverages Market Share

Global Food and Beverage Market Share By Web Sales

Our estimates indicate that 82.65% of Food and Beverage companies brought in less than one million in web sales followed by 14.77% earning somewhere between one and five million.

0.83% of companies witnessed web sales in the range of $10M-$25M. Only 0.04% of companies belonging to the Food and Beverage industry crossed the billion mark.

Global Food and Beverages Market Share By Region

The United States accounts for more than 3/4th of the Food and Beverage industry with 76.92% of the companies falling under its geographical lines. Following far behind is the United Kingdom which makes up 8.75% of the total companies accounted for. The top five rounds up with Canada, Australia, Japan at 5.39%, 2.05%, and 1.36% respectively.

North America tops the chart with 82.63% of the total companies, followed by Europe at 10.93% and the Asia Pacific at 5.00%.

Global Food and Beverage Market Share by Web Traffic

Only an estimated 0.11% of Food and Beverage companies received more than 500,000 visits a month. More than half (54.32%) of the companies witnessed web traffic in the range of 1-10K and 26.65% received 25K to 100K visitors on a monthly basis.

The Big Picture For Food and Beverage

Evidently, the United States is the behemoth of the food & beverage industry in every regard. However, with the increasing spending power and ‘westernization’ of the APAC region, this equation is slowly but surely changing. With industry giants increasingly looking to extend their reach in these markets, the future of the food and beverage industry looks bright.

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