Lattice Engines Alternatives

Why PipeCandy is a better alternative to Lattice Engines for predictive marketing?


Lattice Engines works with general purpose predictive models. For example, they’d treat store closures as yet another news and not as a game changer for a company. Pipecandy is built for eCommerce. We track business inflection points like cross-border commerce, store openings/closures, shipping volume changes etc.For eCommerce, PipeCandy is a better alternative to Lattice Engines.

Classifications that are better than Lattice Engines

eCommerce is big but most eCommerce companies are small or mid-sized. They are not always in news. Lattice Engines, in such cases, may not have meaningful data to predict based on. PipeCandy has its own data and the predictions are based on business inflections and not just news.Our proprietary analytical models detect opportunities in eCommerce better than any other predictive platform.

Intelligence that you don't get from Lattice Engines or any other alternative

Predictions follow the ‘Garbage In/Garbage Out’ rule. The data that powers these predictions matter. And that’s where PipeCandy shines. Our predictions are largely based on our own eCommerce data that we build ground-up.We are not an alternative to Lattice Engines. We are the standard, when it comes to eCommerce predictions.

Even better, PipeCandy helps you predict the right e-commerce leads to pursue

PipeCandy builds unique insights about the eCommerce landscape. Sales teams use our data to predict prospect behavior. But PipeCandy has much more to offer. Our insights power decisions at analyst firms, VCs and corporate development teams of eCommerce companies.

Looking for a Lattice Engines Alternative for e-commerce and retail leads? Check out the e-commerce leads from PipeCandy, in action.

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Pipecandy has helped us discover hard to find omnichannel retail / e-commerce leads and develop outreach campaigns that are both efficient and scalable. These efforts have contributed to an increase in the number of conversations we have with relevant prospects each month.

Andrew Page

Head - Demand Generation, Agiliron

How account based marketing is done better with PipeCandy?

PipeCandy discovers e-commerce insights at scale using data science.

Your best sales reps can access insights across a variety of aspects of an e-commerce company – right from their business model down to who they ship with.

Finally, your best sales reps can focus on winning accounts instead of throwing darts, trusting their luck!

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Get everything that Lattice Engines gives and additional e-commerce Insights that you won't get elsewhere at this scale.

It takes only 10 minutes to find out how PipeCandy can help discover new leads.