Lead Enrichment - Spot real prospects from the noise that inbound leads bring along

When your inbound lead engine cranks, it brings along some noise. Actually, plenty of it.

PipeCandy enriches your inbound leads with vital information that helps you narrow down to those prospects that are really worthy of your effort.

This is hyper-customized lead generation powered by algorithms that you will experience nowhere else!

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Retail & eCommerce Data Enrichment

Your prospects won’t fill in everything you need them to. Just get the bare minimum and we will get the rest of the information for you as downloadable CSV files and soon, to your CRM or on your browser.

Be in the know about your prospects wherever it is convenient for you.

Every news about a prospect is a reason to connect

PipeCandy’s analyst team works with you to create 1-page dossiers about your inbound leads. When your sales reps walk into a meeting with a prospect, they can walk in as though they know the place!

Winston Churchill said “Never let a good crisis go waste!”. Not just a crisis, any news about your prospect is worth your attention. Dossiers are delivered as an add-on to our platform customers.

Intelligence that matters to your business

For example, we track companies by tech used, business model, SKUs sold (ecommerce), Shipping Carrier Information, Shipping Policies and several other attributes.

Need more insights to qualify a prospect? Tell us – Our data science team builds industry specific models to track nuances that are specific to that industry.

World-class organisations use Pipecandy to enrich their inbound leads with retail & ecommerce insights

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Learn how lead enrichment with ecommerce / retail insights works

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