List of Finance Companies in the United States

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List of companies

1 & 1 Mail & Media1st Consultants Inc1st Financial Bank USA1st Mariner Bank1st National Processing1st Stop Inc21st Mortgage Corporation31W InsulationABC Financial Services IncAbercrombie Insurance Services , Inc.Abeyta & AssociatesAbsolute Home Mortgage Corpabtbank.comAcademic Core Group IncAcadia InsuranceAcadian Asset Management LLCAccelerated Wealth LLCAcceptance InsuranceAccertify IncAccess Health CTAccess Medicare IncAccessPay LtdAccount Control Technology , Inc.Ace Cash ExpressAcornsAcquisition StationAcumen Brands IncAcumen Inc.Adams Street Partners LLCADM GlassAdmiral InsuranceA DRNs CorporationADS SecuritiesAdvanced Industry Supplies LLCAdvanced Inventory Solutions IncAdvanced Payment Solutions LimitedAdvanta Corp.ADVANTAGE Health Solutions IncAdvantage LendingAdvent Capital Management , LLCAdvent Tool & Manufacturing IncAdviser Investment Management , Inc.Advisor BenefitsAdvisor Group , Inc.Advisors Asset Management IncAdvisors ExcelAdyenAED PeopleA.Edwards&aegirmarine.comAequitas Capital Management IncAFC Home ClubAffinipayAffinityAF Macedo Insurance Agency IncAfrican Bank Investments LimitedAFW Wealth AdvisorsAgostinelli Realty GroupAgReserves Inc.AgriBankahm ' s home pageAIM Specialty HealthAIRCHARGEAir MilesAIS InsuranceAksia LLCAktia plcAkuna Capital LLCAlconbury Trust LLCAlegeus Technologies LLCAlesco Corporation LimitedAlfa Insurance CorporationAlfred Coffee & KitchenAllday Time Systems LtdAllendale , Inc.Alliant Credit UnionAllied Solutions LLCAllied Surveyors PLCALL POINT PROPERTY SERVICES INCall-risks.comALL-STAR REALTY ASSOCIATESAllstate Insurance CompanyAll Web Leads IncAltamont Capital PartnersAlternative Investment Management, LLCAltura Credit UnionAlwaysCare Benefits IncAMA Insurance Agency , Inc.Amazing Savings, IncAmerican BabyAmerican Benefits Consulting LLCAmerican Commerce Insurance CompanyAmerican ExpressAmerican Financial Resources IncAmerican Financing CorporationAmerican First National BankAmerican Forest Management , Inc.American Home TitleAmerican Integrity RealtyAmerican Lantern Press Inc

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Find me e-commerce websites that use Shopify, with greater than 50k monthly unique visitors and 5000+ employees having revenue greater than 10M$ that use a product recommendation software.

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Merchant Insights

Name of the merchant, Merchant URL, Founding Year, Employee Count, Revenue, Industry, Contact Phone number and other such information (where applicable) about the company.

Technologies Used icon

Technologies Used

Classify retail & e-commerce leads by the technologies they use: E-commerce Platform Tech, Web Engagement & Analytics Tech, Ad Tech, Personalization Tech, Shipping API tech.

Traffic Information icon

Traffic Information

Classify retail & e-commerce leads based on the traffic information: Monthly Visitors, Website Traffic Rank, Monthly Unique Visitors, Traffic % through paid search

Feature Insights icon

Feature Insights

Presence or absence of a feature tells you a lot about the e-commerce leads that you are pursuing. Track presence of faceted search, collaborative filtering & many such features.

Omni-channel Insights icon

Omni-channel Insights

Which channels does the retailer sell through? Mobile, Web, Offline Stores, Marketplaces, Wholesale portal etc. could be those channels. PipeCandy tracks them down for you.

Shipping Insights icon

Shipping Insights

Find which e-commerce company ships the same day and which one does cross-border shipping. Find out which carriers they work with.

Payment Insights icon

Payment Insights

Discover which e-commerce company supports multi-currency payments. Predict who would need cross-border payment systems. Find out if an e-commerce company is ready for 'consumer loans' for its customers.

SKU Insights icon

SKU Insights

Find out which e-commerce company is selling what kind of SKUs and estimate what volume they'd be shipping every month

Fulfillment insights icon

Fulfillment insights

Are they inventory-led or are they doing drop-shipments? Do they have their own warehouse or do they rely on fulfillment partners? PipeCandy has these answers.

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