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The list includes: Company name, Website, Total revenue, HQ Phone, Location, LinkedIn URL, Omni-channel presence, Weekly shipping volume, Shipping carriers, Ecommerce platform.

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CompanyDomainTotal Revenue (USD)
Banyan Botanicalsbanyanbotanicals.com5M-10M
Bronson Laboratoriesbronsonvitamins.com5M-10M
Meehan Formulationsmeehanformulations.com5M-10M
APPLIED HEALTHappliedhealth.com25M-50M
ARTHUR ANDREW MEDICALarthurandrew.com1M-5M
Bio Tech Pharmacalbiotechpharmacal.com1M-5M
Bulu Boxbulubox.com1M-5M
Complete Care Medical Inc.getcompletecare.com5M-10M
Jigsaw Healthjigsawhealth.com1M-5M
Lambert Vet Supplylambertvetsupply.com100M-250M
Maharishi Ayurvedamapi.com25M-50M
Mister GreenGenes Nutrition Centermistergreengenes.com1M-5M

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Company Insights icon

Company Insights

Name of the nutraceutical company, company URL, Location, Revenue, HQ Phone number and other such information (where applicable) about the company.

Technolgies Used icon

Technolgies Used

Classify nutrition companies by the technologies they use: E-commerce Platform Tech, Web Engagement & Analytics Tech, Ad Tech, Personalization Tech, Shipping API tech.

Traffic Information icon

Traffic Information

Classify nutraceutical leads based on the traffic information: Monthly Visitors, Website Traffic Rank, Monthly Unique Visitors, Traffic % through paid search

Feature Insights icon

Feature Insights

Presence or absence of a feature tells you a lot about the nutritional supplement company that you are pursuing. Track presence of faceted search, collaborative filtering & many such features.

Omni-channel Insights icon

Omni-channel Insights

Which channels does the retailer sell through? Mobile, Web, Offline Stores, Marketplaces, Wholesale portal etc. could be those channels. PipeCandy tracks them down for you.

Shipping Insights icon

Shipping Insights

Find which nutraceutical company ships the same day and which one does cross-border shipping. Find our which carriers they work with.

Payment Insights icon

Payment Insights

Discover which ecommerce company supports multi-currency payments. Predict who would need cross-border payment systems. Find out if a cosmeceutical company is ready for 'consumer loans' for its customers.

SKU Insights icon

SKU Insights

Find out which nutrition company is selling what kind of SKUs and estimate what volume they'd be shipping every month

Fulfillment insights icon

Fulfillment insights

Are they inventory-led or are they doing drop-shipments? Do they have their own warehouse or do they rely on fulfillment partners? PipeCandy has these answers.

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