Analysis of Magento Market Share - 2021

Updated as of Nov 10, 2022

Magento Market Share


Total Active Magento stores


With a user base of 154,309 active sites, Magento is one of the top eCommerce platforms. Experts project that Magento market share would reach $224 billion by the beginning of 2021.

Magento Market Share By Web Sales

<500K 27.1%
500K-1M 37.4%
1M-10M 29.7%
10M-50M 4.6%
50M-100M 0.8%
>100M 0.3%

Magento Market Share By Web Traffic

<1K 81.03%
1K-10K 12.5%
10K-25K 3.41%
25K-100K 2.27%
100K-500K 0.69%
>500K 0.11%

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Magento Market Share By Region

Africa 0.49%
APAC 5.08%
EU 31.03%
Latam 5.08%
North America 43.65%
Others 14.67%

Magento Market Share By Country

Brazil 3.94%
Germany 6.96%
Netherlands 5.99%
United Kingdom 8.24%
United States of America 42.17%
Others 32.7%


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Detailed Analysis and Insights On Magento Market Share

Magento eCommerce Market Share By Web Sales

We estimate that 0.3% of eCommerce websites powered by Magento brought in more than $100 Million in sales. This number grows to 0.8% when accounting for websites pulling between $50M and $100M in sales.

A majority of Magento stores fall between the high six-figure and low seven-figure range with 37.4% reporting $500K-$1M in web sales and 24% pulling in $1M-$5M respectively. The aggregate GMV of magento stores belonging to this range was found to be $1945.7M.

The total aggregate GMV for all Magento-powered eCommerce websites was found to be $225B.

Magento Market Share By Region

North America tops the chart with 43.65% of the total companies, followed by the European Union at 31.03% companies.

When segregated along geographical lines, the United States accounts for 42.17% of Magento’s installed base. Following far behind is the United Kingdom which makes up for the 8.24% of the eCommerce companies accounted for. The top five rounds up with Germany, Netherlands, and Brazil at 6.96%, 5.99%, and 3.94% respectively.

Magento Market Share by Traffic

Only 0.11% of eCommerce companies powered by Magento receive greater than 500,000 visits a month. An overwhelming majority of the eCommerce companies that use Magento (93.53%) receive less than 10,000 visits per month.

Magento’s Future

Magento has a tough climb against Shopify on one hand and the momentum of head-less eCommerce on the other hand (which is spearheaded by BigCommerce). The future of Magento lies in how well it retains mid-market and enterprise eCommerce companies, most of whom start small with Shopify and graduate to Shopify Plus.

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