List of 26,558 Magento Stores in the United States

PipeCandy is your go-to source for getting a list of top Magento websites. Here’s why:

We’re against junk lists: We offer a clean list of magento e-commerce websites devoid of test stores, sites without traffic, spam sites & many others who do not fall under the e-commerce domain. We also know if a website has online and/or offline presence, thanks to our analytical models.

User Segmentation: We segment the user-base of Magento into Community Users and Commerce Users by tracking different versions of the CMS.

We provide more than just plain vanilla contact data. With over 40 different metrics, this is all the data you need and the best part? You won’t get this with any other provider.

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NameDomainEmployeesTraffic RankEmail
PREMIS Capital Partners Incpremiscapital.com11-5031,837,199***
Tummystyle Inctummystyle.com11-5030,859,637***
Jungle Eyewear Incjungle-eyewear.com11-5030,766,498***
Hoover Container Solutions Inchooversolutions.com201-50030,642,516***
Draves Archerydravesarchery.com11-5030,069,583***
LuxeWaterWalls Incluxewaterwalls.com11-5029,205,036***
Gallant & Wein Corporationgalwein.com11-5028,226,066***
Sigil Conceptssigilconcepts.com11-5027,781,432***
Esquire Footwearesquirefootwear.com11-5027,718,066***
Shelle Jewelers Incshellejewelers.com11-5027,663,403***
The L.A. Sax Companylasax.com11-5027,029,588***
Style Butler Trading Co. Ltdstylebutler.com11-5027,024,507***
Candlelight Floralcandlelightfloral.com11-5026,928,616***
Safe-T-Pet Incsafe-t-pet.com11-5026,633,068***
Famous Lockers Incfamouslockers.com11-5026,529,313***
All Aboard Toys LLCallaboardtoys.com11-5026,456,305***
Sandalista Incsandalista.com11-5026,444,525***

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Find me e-commerce websites that use Magento, with greater than 50k monthly unique visitors and 5000+ employees having revenue greater than 10M$ that use a product recommendation software.

Merchant Insights icon

Merchant Insights

Name of the magento stores merchant, Merchant URL, Founding Year, Employee Count, Revenue, Industry, Contact Phone number and other such information (where applicable) about the company.

Technologies Used icon

Technologies Used

Classify retail & e-commerce leads by the technologies they use: E-commerce Platform Tech, Web Engagement & Analytics Tech, Ad Tech, Personalization Tech, Shipping API tech.

Traffic Information icon

Traffic Information

Classify retail & e-commerce leads based on the traffic information: Monthly Visitors, Website Traffic Rank, Monthly Unique Visitors, Traffic % through paid search

Feature Insights icon

Feature Insights

Magento E-commerce leads that you get can vary on the relevance scale depending on the availability of a particular feature. Faceted search, collaborative filtering, and many other features can be tracked using PipeCandy.

Omni-channel Insights icon

Omni-channel Insights

It is important to know through which channels a retailer does business. This could be brick & mortar, mobile, web, an online marketplace or a wholesale market. We help you identify those leads.

Shipping Insights icon

Shipping Insights

It is important to know which e-commerce retailers give you same-day delivery and those which give you cross-border shipping. We’ll help you track down the carriers they work with.

Payment Insights icon

Payment Insights

Which magento e-commerce company supports multi-currency payments? Who needs cross-border payment systems? Is the e-commerce company ready for ‘consumer loans’ for its customers? It is important to know all of this.

SKU Insights icon

SKU Insights

Use PipeCandy to find out which magento e-commerce company sells what kind of SKUs and to estimate what volume they’d be shipping out every month.

Fulfillment insights icon

Fulfillment insights

Inventory-led shipping or drop shipping? Own warehouses or fulfillment partners? What do the e-commerce companies do? PipeCandy has these answers.

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