PipeCandy for Mobile leads

Find every mobile app publisher
in the world

PipeCandy goes far beyond your regular lead generation sources. We’ve build lead generation models that are good at identifying specific mobile app publishers. We are your trusted source for global mobile app industry statistics from a sales perspective!

There are millions of apps and hundreds of thousands of publishers. We’re mapping every one of them.

Enrich & qualify inbound leads by attributes like presence of in-app purchase, app ratings etc.

Got special criteria to qualify mobile app publisher leads? Build analytical models on PipeCandy to do just that!


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FAQ on Mobile App Lead Generation

How comprehensive is PipeCandy’s data on mobile apps and mobile app publ
With PipeCandy, you can track over 4.5 million apps from 1.5 million publishers from 55 countries.

How can I slice and dice the data that PipeCandy provides?
Yes. With PipeCandy you can build app lists / app publisher lists based on parameters like keywords in the app-title, category, price range, release date, country availability, etc. You can also find apps by SDKs they use and permissions they need.

Can I search for apps or app publishers by custom criteria?
Yes. Our data science team builds custom algorithms to help you search for apps that meet certain criteria. For example, you could search for apps that have in-app purchase within the category of ticket booking apps that have a rating of 4 stars or less. Custom filter based lead generation would be taken up as requests and you’d be notified when the data is ready.

World-class organizations use PipeCandy to target mobile prospects across the world.