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PipeCandy's predictive intelligence platform, focused on eCommerce and Retail, provides go-to-market insights about prospects.

Media kit

Get press ready resources, including logos, executive headshots and product screenshots

In the news

28 May 2018

With the help of PipeCandy’s global eCommerce market size report, Forbes helps the reader learn how Amazon & Google are different playing fields for the eCommerce seller.

20 Jul 2018

Our in-house marketing analyst analyzes why Shopify is primed to be a target for the retail behemoth Walmart and draws attention to the changing ecosystem.

14 Feb 2018

UNCTAD’s report on eCommerce trade & development references PipeCandy’s data on eCommerce companies across the globe.

Oberlo’s blog takes about how to stand out in the commerce world with a unique selling proposition and references PipeCandy’s eCommerce market size article that estimates that total number of eCommerce businesses in the US.

5 Jun 2018

Shipstation references Pipecandy’s eCommerce market size data when giving out tips & tricks on how to ship products via eCommerce.

6 Aug 2018

Klaviyo talks about lessons leaned from their Klaviyo conference and references Pipecandy’s global eCommerce market size data.

8 Oct 2018

PipeCandy’s report on Direct-to-Consumers brands helps Retail Dive shed some light on the growing DTC market and what it means for business.

Using PipeCandy’s well-researched report on the global subscription box industry, AlleyWatch unfurls what’s actually going on behind the scenes in the industry today.

30 Jan 2017

PipeCandy’s global eCommerce market size report helps Neil Patel uncover the tips & tricks needed to optimize an eCommerce website.

07 Dec 2017

How big is the global eCommerce market size? PipeCandy’s comprehensive report seeks to answer that question and helps you figure out ones that you don’t know existed.

06 Nov 2017

PipeCandy’s report on the global eCommerce market size is the only source to gather the full insights on the industry. Here’s out report, translated in Portuguese!

06 Jan 2018

This article talks about payment gateways and their effect on eCommerce site owners. It references PipeCandy’s global eCommerce market size data to draw attention to the scale of the market.

03 Mar 2017

PipeCandy, the eCommerce market intelligence platform, raised $1 million from IDG, Axilor, Emergent Ventures & Indian Angel Network

17 Mar 2017

This report from ET discusses how PipeCandy is changing the sales landscape, especially when it comes to the eCommerce marketplace.

06 Apr 2018

The article discusses the effect of Blockchain on B2B commerce and references PipeCandy’s data on the global eCommerce landscape to assess the scale of the network effect.

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