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PipeCandy's predictive intelligence platform, focused on eCommerce and Retail, provides go-to-market insights about prospects.

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Get press ready resources, including logos, executive headshots and product screenshots

In the news

28 May 2018

PipeCandy’s report on the Global Subscription Box Industry takes a look at how it is a small but growing part of eCommerce and whether it would remain niche.

18 Apr 2018

How big is the Global Subscription Box industry? PipeCandy’s detailed report delves into how subscription boxes compare with the rest of the industry and what the numbers indicate for the future.

10 Aug 2017

Conferences are a goldmine for leads. PipeCandy successfully hacked conferences and learned to maximize RoI. We break down the process.

23 Oct 2017

PipeCandy launches a DIY data platform that helps you find eCommerce and retail leads; discover Insights about shipping, tech, SKUs and 40 other facets. It also helps you predict and prioritize high quality leads using machine learning models.

17 Mar 2017

PipeCandy, a data science startup based out of Chennai tracks industry-specific nuances and provides those insights to sales representatives to make their sales pitches more relevant to the sector and company they are targeting.

8 Mar 2017

Chennai-based startup PipeCandy that uses data to help sales reps raises $1.1M seed funding. PipeCandy plans to use the funding to verticalize its analytical models and to build tools that make sales reps follow best practices effortlessly.

8 Mar 2017

PipeCandy, a sales intelligence start-up, raises $1.1 million in seed funding from IDG Ventures India, Axilor Ventures, Emergent Ventures and Indian Angel Network

14 Feb 2017

With deep awareness about the rep and their offerings, contextual data about their targets and an extensive mapping of the paths between the rep and their prospect, PipeCandy discovers just the right prospects at the right time and informs the sales rep everything that is to be known.

27 Jan 2017

PipeCandy’s Ashwin Ramasamy writes about the need for a new kind of professional network, one where the motivation to stay connected is more important than the act of connecting itself.

30 Jan 2017

The counter-intuitive way of acquiring the first few customers is to say ‘No!’ more than ‘Yes’. When you have fewer resources focus is more important than vanity numbers.

30 Jan 2017

A step by step account on how you can be precise and focused about customer acquisition, as an early stage company. Featured article in KissMetrics Blog.

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