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We’ll let our work speak. But 50%+ open rates & 10%+ response rates are par for the course. All this comes at a 10x cheaper price!

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We said ‘SDR-in-a-box’. Yes, we do everything right from discovering prospects, down to running campaigns every single day!

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We are the experts. We have sent millions of B2B emails and we know what works. We’re a cutting edge outbound sales service.

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How Concierge scales Zarget's outbound sales pipeline

Zarget, one of the front-runners in the Website Optimization software space, have had a great run with their inbound campaigns. As a part of their strategy to attract named accounts, Zarget turned its focus to outbound sales.

Together, we envisioned an entire campaign from scratch, beginning with the Go-To-Market strategy and identifying the target universe and personas. PipeCandy came up with campaign ideas and associated prospecting email copies. Using data science, the team predicted segments of prospects that have better chances of converting into customers.

Over the last two quarters, PipeCandy has built a consistent and predictable outbound sales funnel for Zarget. Based on the success, Zarget has scaled its focus on email-based outbound prospecting.

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Will outbound sales work and other questions

Right! I have always thought outbound sales is…
No. Not with PipeCandy’s Concierge. We first understand the nuances of your business and discover segments in your market that will relate well with your story. We then find personas that have the need. Of course, on top of these, PipeCandy’s industry-specific data, which is what we are well known for, ensures that you are hyper-targeting only the right prospects.

So, when you email your prospects they respond like they’ve known you all along!

How do you ensure that emails are delivered?
By doing the right things. People and email inboxes like emails that are personal & actionable enough that they generate responses. Nobody likes to read an essay about how your mouse trap is better. PipeCandy knows to setup the email infrastructure in such a way that it is optimized for your type of usage. Beyond that, our copy strategists have this unique left brain & right brain balance. Their emails get opened always (sometimes 100% of the times!) and people respond like they do to their friends.

So forget delivery. We will get you responses that matter.

How well would this scale?
PipeCandy’s outbound sales concierge scales predictably enough that some fast growing customers predict qualified lead flow to the last digit.PipeCandy is a unique company that generates data and insights about millions of companies. So, we are in complete control. Beside, we have our own email prospecting tool. So, from data to tools to content – we have everything that you need to scale your outbound sales campaigns!

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