Pipecandy for Outbound

The new
outbound sales is intelligent & smart

Instantly build your prospect list from millions of records; get personalized insights about them; and, intelligently pause & resume entire campaigns or just for a few individuals automatically!

What excuse have you got now, to say ‘No’ to prospects?


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Spend zero time in building lead lists

Creating email lists is where most prospecting initiatives come to a halt. It takes forever to build lists and often, there isn’t anyone to do it forever.

We’ve killed list building. You tell us what your target market is, the types of organizations and the roles that would be your ideal prospects.

PipeCandy finds matching companies, people and their contacts within seconds and delivers them via API or flat files.

Know every prospect like they went to school with you

Even in B2B companies, it’s people who buy and not machines (for now)!

Every time there is something about a prospect that’s worth knowing, we will alert you. Every single time! From now on, be a relationship-building super power.

*News about prospects will be rolled out for selected customers on trial basis.


Metrics that make you better

Every day you reach out to prospects. Every day you see the performance reports. So 30 reports in 30 days?

That’s insane!

In PipeCandy, everyday outreach is called a run and runs roll into a campaign. So 1 report for 30 days.

And yes, PipeCandy metrics go beyond opens and clicks!

Auto-classification of responses

With the help of sophisticated text mining and NLP techniques, PipeCandy classifies prospect responses to positive and negative responses.

With each response, our ability to provide you with insights improves. Over time, we know what works and what does not for you.

Why rely on thumb rules anymore?

Campaign software with good manners

You wouldn’t want to nag prospects with emails after getting a reply from their colleagues right? We wouldn’t either. That’s why PipeCandy auto-pauses your prospecting emails to peers in a company when one of them responds.

Email Campaign Product Features

World-class organizations use PipeCandy for personalizing prospecting.