Market Share Analysis of The Pet Food Industry

Updated as of Nov 10, 2022

Pet Food Market Size


Total Active Pet Food Stores


Thanks to ‘pet parents’ around the world, our furry friends have been enjoying an increasingly comfortable life supported by a growing ecosystem of pet stores worldwide.

Pet Food Market Size by Web Sales

500K-1M 0.21%
<1M 70.89%
1M-5M 25.42%
5M-10M 2%
10M-25M 0.95%
25M-50M 0.11%
50M-100M 0.11%
100M-250M 0.21%
1B-5B 0.11%

Pet Food market Size by Web Traffic

<1K 17.3%
1K-10K 50.92%
10K-25K 13.59%
25K-100K 12.36%
100K-500K 4.86%
>500K 0.98%

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Pet Food Market Size By Region

Africa 0.33%
Australasia 0.33%
Asia 1.42%
Latin America 1.23%
APAC 5.73%
Europe 13.27%
North America 77.86%

Pet Food Market Size By Country

United States of America 70.9%
United Kingdom 11.94%
Canada 6.78%
Australia 3.03%
Japan 2.56%
Colombia 1.23%
India 0.95%
Ireland 0.76%
New Zealand 0.33%
Singapore 0.24%
South Africa 0.19%


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Detailed Analysis and Insights On Pet Store Market Share

Pet Food Market Share By Web Sales

An estimated 70.89% of the pet food stores worldwide brought in less than $1 Million in web sales. A quarter of the companies – 25.42% saw web sale revenue in the $1M-$5M range. 2% of pet food stores brought in $5-$10M in web sales. Only 0.11% of the companies accounted for exceeded the billion mark.

Pet Food Market Share By Region

Region wise, the United States clinched the top spot with 70.90% of the market share. Following far behind is the United Kingdom which makes up for the 11.98% of the pet food stores accounted for. Canada, Australia, and Japan filled in the rest of the spots in the top five with 6.78%,3.03% and 2.56% respectively.

North America was found to be the most ‘paw-friendly’ of all regions, topping the list 77.68% of the market share. Europe came in at second place with 13.27% followed by the APAC region with 5.73%.

Pet Food Market Share by Traffic

Only 0.98% of the pet food stores accounted for brought in more than 500,000 visitors per month. 17.30% of pet stores witnessed less than a thousand visitors on a monthly basis. Around half of pet food stores – 50.92% saw visitors in the range of 1000-10,000.

All bark, no bite?

Currently dominated by North America and Europe, the APAC region continues to be a key point of focus for the industry along with Latin America moving forward. Pets have become a part of the lifestyle for not only the affluent but also the ‘middle-class’ of developing nations. With a growing segment of ‘pet-parents’ who are not shy about opening their wallets up for their ‘fur-babies’, the industry is set to enjoy a period of growth for the next few years.

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