Finally, a lead generation platform for those selling to ecommerce & retail industries

Feel the difference. You're no longer restricted to search just by revenue or headcount. Search by omnichannel presence, shipping policies and much more!

Transforming you from 'If only I know' to 'Now that I know' sales rep

Convert ecommerce leads like never before! Have a product and need to find an ecommerce lead that would love it? Now you can find them within clicks!

Find me ecommerce websites that use Shopify or Magento, with greater than 500k monthly unique visitors and 5000+ employees having revenue greater than 10M$ that use a fraud prevention software.

Signing million dollar deals with ecommerce companies? We got you covered!

Our platform is built not just to generate high volume leads. We can dive deep with you on your whale hunting initiatives. Get detailed & yet crisp dossiers about each of your top ecommerce and retail prospects.

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Financial Information

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