Finally, a predictive marketing lead generation platform for those selling to e-commerce & retail industries

The old way: Predict based on revenue, headcount and news. The PipeCandy way: Predict based on e-commerce & retail industry insights like SKU count & pricing, maturity of omnichannel, technology, cross-border commerce strategies etc

A predictive marketing platform built ground-up with retail & e-commerce insights

PipeCandy tracks 40 million insights including logistics, online revenue, SKU, fulfillment, tech & many more. From predictive lead generation at the top of the funnel, to predictive scores of ‘intent to buy’ at the middle and the end of the funnel, our models simply outform any other predictive marketing tools you have experienced – because, our predictive marketing platform understands the nuances of retail and e-commerce industries.

Experience the power of predictive at each stage of the funnel and post-funnel

Top of the funnel

Link your CRM, Invoicing and Help desk Systems

‘Turn On’ integrations with PipeCandy Data partners

Discover ‘best fit’ segments and ‘ideal’ buyer persona

Identify, Score and Prioritize ‘net new leads’ based on ‘look alike’ modeling

PipeCandy Difference

Discover segments based attributes unique to retail & e-commerce industries.

Through of the funnel

Discover buying committees using PipeCandy's decision-maker profiles - amongst the largest in the retail & e-commerce industries.

Know more about online behavior of decision makers – insights about senior executive intent at scale!

Discover ‘industry specific’ intent. Example: News about tying up with a cross-border payment company is a leading indicator of need for scaling cross-border fulfillment!

PipeCandy Difference

Discover ‘long tail’ industry-specific news that general purpose predictive platforms ignore. Connect the dots between news and what it means to a retailer’s business.

Before and After the funnel

Marketing to your current customers gives you better and immediate returns. With PipeCandy, discover cross-sell opportunities for your products and services

PipeCandy builds ‘custom analytical models’ to discover new segments & simulate ‘profitability scenarios’. Example: Would it make sense to sell transportation services to warehousing customers? Which customers go on to deliver high lifetime value and which ones churn and why?

PipeCandy Difference

We are industry insiders and we build industry analysis models all the time. From total addressable market analysis to segmentation modelling to marketing mix modelling to response analytics, PipeCandy has pre-built models that can be customized to suit your strategic initiatives.

Predictive meets 'account based marketing'

Are you after big retailers and e-commerce leads that spend millions in tech and fulfillment? Get deep, actionable insights and ‘intent scores’ about your top prospects.

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