Predictive for Corporate Strategy Analysts & Investors

New retail formats are evolving. Pop-up store as a service – who would have thought? eCommerce companies are going offline. Breakout companies emerge from nowhere. It’s hard to rely just on news anymore.

Powerful Insights that help you move fast

Whether you are out there to invest or acquire or simply keep a tab on the eCommerce industry, you need rich data that you can slice and dice to answer questions that your board comes up with. Don’t just get the data but the access to leading indicators that matter to you.

Predict breakout companies by revenue

The beauty of eCommerce is in the surprise it holds. Companies unheard of becoming consumer and investor favorites within a couple of quarters.

Your pipeline should have them before they are known. PipeCandy helps you do that with remarkable consistency.

Assess competitiveness

Sales forecasting using models that were done years ago don’t yield reliable results. We didn’t say this. One of the world’s largest logistics companies told this to us.

Today, their eCommerce leads pipeline and closure are more accurate than ever. PipeCandy delivers enriched insights about the eCommerce leads in their pipeline. More data and better insights make your forecasts more reliable.

Track who invests on innovation

Which eCommerce companies are innovating? News is often a bad place to find answers for this question.

PipeCandy predicts ‘innovation’ by tracking leading indicators like hiring, feature updates on the website, supply
chain partnerships etc.

Our ‘industry best’ eCommerce revenue estimation models get you more than 90% accurate revenue range predictions.

Now you can correlate between revenue growth and innovation investments.

Map trends that impact your business

eCommerce is no longer about having a website or a mobile app.
You can gross millions of dollars of revenue on platforms like Instagram.

That means disruption for certain companies and such trends have to be investigated and invested on.

For incumbents in traditional industries, PipeCandy maps new age digital disruptors, their growth and other key indicators.

eCommerce was a new vertical for Tipalti. PipeCandy's insights about eCommerce & new age digital platforms helped Tipalti get a quick grasp of the space and the opportunities ahead.

Discover trends & discard fads.

Consistently spot opportunities before your board sends the ‘Did-you-know-this?’ email