Go-To' partner for eCommerce strategy

Go-To' partner for eCommerce strategy

High quality data. Unique Insights. Customized Research – PipeCandy is your best data & analytics partner for your eCommerce strategy.

Identify growth segments, launch new products - with access to the best analysis about the eCommerce segments & companies. Be an 'out of the world strategist.'

Market Mapper

Understand how your target market is structured. Identify segments, map all the players & understand the dominant business dynamics in the market.

Key Player Profiles

Get detailed profiles of key eCommerce companies that define the present and the future of the market. Access pre-built reports on their revenue, gross merchandise value, shipping volume, average order value and 75 such key insights.

Opportunity Spotter

Come with your questions and hypotheses. By aggregating & interpreting data from multiple sources, PipeCandy will validate opportunties available for you to enter new segments, launch products and expand to new geographics.

Folio Feed

Stay on top of everyday news and market-defining moments, without effort. Build custom watch-list of companies and topics. Always be informed.

Insights Concierge

Get a dedicated insights manager to work with you to convert your projects into analytics briefs. Commission custom analytics projects through your insights concierge. Get from questions to insights without wasting your time on cleaning data or hacking tools.

Discover trends & discard fads.

eCommerce was a new vertical for Tipalti. PipeCandy's insights about eCommerce & new age digital platforms helped Tipalti get a quick grasp of the space and the opportunities ahead.

Discover trends & discard fads.

Consistently spot opportunities before your board sends the ‘Did-you-know-this?’ email