Got eCommerce leads but just email IDs? Try our enrichment API

We enrich your eCommerce leads with traffic, tech, shipping, business model and other insights – all at one shot! Go beyond enrichment. We auto-score leads against your ideal customer profiles with predictive lead scoring.

Learn how PipeCandy can enrich your inbound leads

100+ eCommerce attributes

Enrich your leads with SKU category, sub-category, online revenue, tech usage, traffic, shipping vendors, shipping policy and several other attributes with predictive lead scoring.

Enrich 100+ attributes almost instantly!

Real-time Prospect news

Track news, twitter and instagram feeds about each eCommerce lead that matters to you.

Every day, wake up to prospect news and use it for your sales conversations.

Predict the next move

What technology an eCommerce lead uses is good to know. But, what’s great to know is what they might use. For every eCommerce lead, their next move is important to know.

Predict the next move of eCommerce leads after you enrich them with our API.

World-class organizations use Pipecandy to enrich their inbound leads with retail & ecommerce insights

Transportation Insights
Clear Banc
Visible SCM

Without PipeCandy enriching our leads, we'd have been spending time on wrong leads. PipeCandy is producing us spare sales time that we never thought we had.

Don't let inbound eCommerce leads go stale, ever again!

Easy enrichment. Quick classification of eCommerce leads with predictive lead scoring. It just works!