PipeCandy platform is for the modern sales operations manager : Predictive Modelling meets Industry Insights

Whether you have a handful of customers in retail and ecommerce segments or you have a mature sales organization that closes named accounts every month, PipeCandy can decisively improve the precision of your sales campaigns.

How do you estimate the target prospect universe & build segments?

The best sales operations managers don’t think in terms of tools & data. They measure their success by how consistently their sales teams meet the annual goals. High precision sales execution depends on how well sales operations managers can estimate the target universe size and build segments of leads.

PipeCandy hooks up to your CRM, analyzes your past customer wins and suggests representative segments and estimates the universe of prospects in these segments – a bottom up approach that ends with universe estimation.

How does PipeCandy find look-alike prospects?

This is actually in the realms of AI and Machine Learning. Staying clear of the technicalities, our look-alike algorithm understands the underlying patterns in your customer base and suggests matches from our global database.

With your feedback, the algorithm learns with every look-alike prediction and over time you get precise matches.

Look-alike modeling is ideal if you have existing customers. If you don’t, try predictive lead scoring.

So does predictive lead scoring help your sales team?

Your prospects have no patience for unsolicited & un-researched sales calls. Your sales reps often have 5 seconds or less before your prospect judges them.

PipeCandy deeply analyses millions of retailers & ecommerce companies to discover nuances about them that are not captured by traditional data providers. With such large and specialized data sets, we are able to discover insights that predict certain buying behavior. When your sales reps go on a sales call armed with such insights, your prospect places your company several notches above yet another sales rep from your competition.

Is PipeCandy’s Predictive Lead Scoring relevant for our business?

If you are a business that relies heavily on inbound leads or if you have bought contact data from a traditional data provider, you can be efficient at qualifying your leads and improve your account based marketing campaigns’ precision, using Predictive Lead Scoring.

PipeCandy integrates with your Salesforce account or draws up your leads data through a CSV and runs predictive models on your data set and enriches it with ‘industry specific’ nuances that it discovers.

So your lead list will be much more rich in insights & your campaigns can get that much more targeted. Our customers have seen 5X lift in campaign performances through PipeCandy’s predictive lead scoring platform.

Retail and Ecommerce Data Sets & Predictive Models

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PipeCandy for Retail Leads

Context data is more important than contact data. We provide you with the right prospects among retail leads, for what you sell.

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PipeCandy for eCommerce Leads

PipeCandy powers you with context data about every ecommerce company that is your potential prospect.

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