The only Industry aware predictive marketing and lead generation platform is here!

PipeCandy is the ONLY ‘industry aware’ predictive marketing platform that finds you truly qualified e-commerce and retail prospects & helps you engage with them at the right moments, with the right offerings across the right channels.

Not just a predictive platform, but the best suited one!

Get predictive analysis, predictive lead scoring, marketing analysis,
profitability analysis of a company and convert them as your prospect

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Old school predictive platforms

Use revenue, employee size, funding & CRM data to analyse and recommend segments.

PipeCandy's 'industry aware' predictive platform

Analyst study of the market + custom-built analytical models that incorporate relevant industry nuances (example: omnichannel presence, SKU type, Shipping volume, cross-border commerce etc.) + firmographic attributes

Top of the funnel predictive lead scoring

Old school predictive platforms

Cookie-cutter lead scoring of companies by revenue, traffic, technologies used.

'Through the funnel' insights

Based on news, SEC filings, social media mentions

Example: Acme Corp has doubled its revenue in FY 2017.

PipeCandy's 'industry aware' predictive platform

Truly ‘industry aware’ lead scoring of companies by total revenue, estimated online revenue, SKU count, SKU sub-categories sold, Omni-channel presence, Shipping volume, Shipping partnerships, Shipping policies and other custom variables (example: presence or absence of business model level features like consumer financing, multi-currency support, store pick-up etc.)

Custom delivered insights that are relevant in sales contexts.

Example: Acme Corp has just added ‘store locations’ on its website. So it’s no longer a ‘pure-play ecommerce company’ and it offers ‘Buy Online Pick Up at the Store’ option already.

Post funnel Analysis

Old school predictive platforms

Cross-sell and Upsell Recommendations

Not possible, because old school predictive models don't have 'industry insights' to relate your offerings to customer contexts.

PipeCandy's 'industry aware' predictive platform

Example: Acme Corp just imported a very large consignment from China. Cross-sell your ‘freight forwarding’ services.

Example: Acme Corp has just started selling nutraceuticals. They may need a ‘chargeback rebuttal’ software. Cross-sell your dispute management platform.

Profitability Analysis

Old school predictive platforms

Not possible, because the old school predictive platforms are built for just lead generation and do not take understand the industry nuances that impact profitability

PipeCandy's 'industry aware' predictive platform

Apply PipeCandy’s profitability models, adjust attributes relevant for your business and simulate scenarios before you spend your first product and marketing dollar going after a new segment.

Connect your CRM, invoicing and ticketing systems. Identify customers that are profitable and have high lifetime value. Find look-alike customers (based on industry attributes like shipping volume, SKUs sold etc.)

Marketing Effectiveness Analysis

Old school predictive platforms

Not possible, because the old school predictive platforms are built for just lead generation and do not help you measure real effectiveness of your account based marketing and demand generation campaigns

PipeCandy's 'industry aware' predictive platform

PipeCandy’s analytics platform is built for the marketer who wants to know if she is getting the results.

Our marketing effectiveness framework helps you analyze effectiveness of segments, channels, messages and incorporates the results to refine ‘top of the funnel’ lead recommendations.

PipeCandy is a truly ‘end to end’ analytics platform for the marketer.

Case Study

An NYSE-listed Top 10 tech firms in the world uses PipeCandy to predict enterprise retailers that may invest at least $500,000 in artificial intelligence within the next 6 months.

PipeCandy’s ‘industry aware’ predictive platform discovers retailers that are in the path of implementing cutting edge tech, have the right level of revenue and enterprise tech sophistication.

Once ‘ideal fit’ prospects are identified, the model ranks them for ‘explicit intent’ discovered using sophisticated NLP algorithms that look for ‘retail industry’ specific terms that indicate intent.

Finally the leads are distributed among sales reps based on estimated downstream revenue possibility.

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