PipeCandy Predictive for Marketers

No two marketers look at eCommerce companies the same way, because they have different things to sell. Order Management Systems, Personalization Software, Loans, Fulfillment – you get the drift. PipeCandy’s predictive marketing and lead scoring platform has a model for each marketing use case.

PipeCandy Predictive for Marketers

Predictive Marketing for eCommerce personalization software marketers

Discover personalization maturity of eCommerce leads with deep insights from PipeCandy. Score eCommerce leads that are likely to upgrade their tools.

Predict fit, intent and opportunity size by putting eCommerce leads on a custom watch list

Predictive Marketing for eCommerce visual merchandising/search marketers

Discover SKU count, SKU content maturity of eCommerce leads.Score eCommerce leads that are likely to upgrade visual merchandising/search.

Predict fit, intent and opportunity size by putting eCommerce leads on a custom watch list.

Predictive Marketing for eCommerce lending and consumer lending product marketers

Find online revenue of eCommerce leads down to the decimal value. Our estimates are tested to have more than 90% accuracy.

Find who their payment and financing partners are & score the likelihood of switching to your service.

Predictive Marketing for CDN and image technology product marketers

Assess which eCommerce leads care about better image quality and better website performance optimization.

Find brands that have right size of SKUs that fit your ideal customer profile. Watch news, social and other key insights to discover immediate opportunities.

Predictive Marketing for Shipping software and 3PL/fulfillment services marketers

Accurately predict shipping volume of eCommerce leads.Pitch differently to different eCommerce leads based on their current shipping policies.

Discover eCommerce leads that are likely to cross revenue, shipping & cross-border eCommerce revenue milestones.

Predictive Marketing for every use case

Selling payment products, order management systems, product fit visualization and AI products to eCommerce leads? We have custom frameworks for every marketing use case.

With PipeCandy we no longer have to scrape multiple sources, move data manually to salesforce etc. Our marketing efficiency and precision has improved a lot with PipeCandy's eCommerce data.

Get to highly certain outcomes within weeks, with PipeCandy

Predictable ROI is real with our eCommerce insights & fine-tuned models