Get 5x improvement in marketing qualified leads.

Get 5x improvement in marketing qualified leads.

Assess market size, segment-wise lead split, propensity of interest a lead may have for your products – all based on a combination of exclusive first-party data & machine learning based predictions.

Prioritize eCommerce leads for campaigns. Score them for fit and intent. Seamlessly integrate with campaign tools.

Segment Mapper

Analyzing your target market segments within eCommerce has become a whole lot easier. Estimate market share split across platforms, revenue, geographies etc. using our intuitive user interface.

Segment Spotter

Discover micro-segments within your market and run targeted campaigns. With PipeCandy, you can build micro-segments based on attributes unique to eCommerce companies. For example, build a target segment that is actively selling on Instagram or has B2B focus.

Campaign Feed

Automatically start tracking the eCommerce leads that engage with your campaign and stay on top of news and events related to those companies. Adjust your marketing messages mid-way through your campaign based on the latest information.

Marketing Concierge

Share the questions about the market, segments, channels or competitors that you want answered through a research project. A dedicated research manager will work with you to define the project, aggregate the data, do custom analysis and brief you on the answers they find. Save the migraines you get from endless searches in Google. Get to the answer fast.

Get to highly certain outcomes within weeks, with PipeCandy

We grew by acquisitions. It was important to use analytics to identify the real 'ideal eCommerce parcel customer' based on LTV. PipeCandy's models revealed insights that we would not have considered.

Get to highly certain outcomes within weeks, with PipeCandy

Predictable ROI is real with our E-commerce insights & fine-tuned models