Predictive for Chief Marketing Officer

Targeting eCommerce leads? Discover segments, Score leads, Measure Campaign & Channel Performance. Control returns on your investments – because better sales means better control of your destiny, right?

For the CMO who trusts data for decisions

Good CMOs use data to prioritize between new market segments, decide on new offerings, allocate channel budgets, predict lifetime value & churn & generate ROI out of account-based marketing.

Good CMOs are using PipeCandy to do all of these.

Enter the right eCommerce markets with Predictive Lead Scoring

Discover new eCommerce segments with bottom-up analysis.

Estimate eCommerce segment size based on your ideal customer profile.

Arrive at fit score based on ICP & intent score based on news, social & exclusive PipeCandy insights.

Do better Account-Based Marketing using Predictive

Pick right accounts based on fit, intent and opportunity scores.

Build custom watch lists to spot windows of opportunities.

Integrate with your ABM toolset, run campaigns & iterate the scores.

Measure Life Time Value & Predict Churn

Predict which eCommerce leads will give better LTV using our eCommerce insights.

Plug in loss & churn data. Mash with our insights. Understand why & when customers churn.

Set up custom watch lists

Pick ideal prospects through scoring and put them on a watch list.

Watch for executive hires, imports, technology changes, business model changes etc.

Run targeted one on one campaigns based on intent discovered from watch lists

We grew by acquisitions. It was important to use analytics to identify the real 'ideal eCommerce parcel customer' based on LTV. PipeCandy's models revealed insights that we would not have considered.

Get to highly certain outcomes within weeks, with PipeCandy

Predictable ROI is real with our E-commerce insights & fine-tuned models