Predictive for Sales Operations Team

Which eCommerce leads have to be called by inside sales reps?
Which eCommerce leads are better routed through account-based marketing cadence?
How to distribute the territories and leads equitably?


Unlike the giraffe which is here purely for the aesthetics, sales operations has to make sense of what’s happening.

Use PipeCandy. Make your work count.

You are the math brain that makes sales hit the numbers, quarter over quarter. Not having the right data is like multiplying all your hard word by zero. It doesn’t count.

Estimate eCommerce leads count accurately

80% of eCommerce leads have less than $1M revenue.

Less than 10,000 eCommerce leads will spend more than $25M on tech.

Get stats like these for the segments that matter to you. Let math be your method.

Allocate territories scientifically

Use segment estimates, geo estimates & fit scores to create territories.

Assign right eCommerce leads to the right sales reps.

Slice & dice leads for different campaign objectives. Never run dry.

Be the force of good using predictive lead scoring

Don't manage sales performance reviews like its judgement day for sales reps.

Make sales reps win consistently, with predictive lead scoring for fit & intent.

Use data to isolate market conditions from sales rep's capabilities.

Do sales forecasts that adapt to changing eCommerce landscape

Validate your sales forecast every month with PipeCandy's predictive insights.

Know what's happening in each segment and each key account.

Make it a real sales forecast & leave tarot card reading to your competitors.

Territory planning without the accurate data about market segments will leads to several sub-optimal decisions. PipeCandy helps Quantum Metric arrive at precise answers on how big their market is.

I want to bring the rigor of data driven decision-making to sales ops!

Awesome. That just means better fit eCommerce leads for your team. Drop a note. Let’s get talking!