Win eCommerce customers, predictably!

Win eCommerce customers, predictably!

“Which eCommerce leads have to be called by inside sales reps? Which eCommerce leads are ready for account based marketing? How to do territory planning right? PipeCandy has the answers, and the leads!”

Discover eCommerce leads to sell to. Find accurate & exclusive data on revenue, order volume, shipping, tech and traffic.

Prospect Mapper

Slice and dice eCommerce leads across segments – by revenue, traffic, SKU count, Shipping volume, order value and several other attributes. Find the eCommerce leads that are the right fit for you.

Prospect Profiles

Dig deep into each eCommerce lead. Know everything there is to know about them, before you get on a call with them. Talk to them after knowing what is relevant for them. Close more deals.

Prospect Spotter

Score eCommerce leads both in terms of their fit (by watching their business metrics) and intent (by tracking their moves in the market). If you are into sales operations, use the same scores for territory planning.

Prospect Feed

Pick the eCommerce leads you want to stay on top of. PipeCandy delivers news and insights about those leads as and when there is something worthy of your notice.

I want to bring the rigor of data-driven decision-making to sales ops!

Territory planning without the accurate data about market segments will leads to several sub-optimal decisions. PipeCandy helps Quantum Metric arrive at precise answers on how big their market is.

I want to bring the rigor of data-driven decision-making to sales ops!

Awesome. That just means better fit eCommerce leads for your team. Drop a note. Let’s get talking!