Discover product trends, brands & acquisition targets

Discover product trends, brands & acquisition targets

Never miss out on the next ‘fidget spinner’ trend. Identify brands for partnership or acquisition. Make assortment planning at store level using social trend data. Buy companies that matter.

Get customized insights from PipeCandy to answer your merchandising, assortment planning and corporate strategy questions.

Product Intelligence for Merchandisers

Which product trends and fads should a merchandiser care about? The answer is unique to each retailer. PipeCandy discovers new product trends (example: popup sockets for mobile phones) by crawling multiple online sources including early adopter websites, customs data of consignments, social buzz etc.

We help merchandisers score and separate fads from the product trends they should not miss out on.

Brand Intelligence for Merchandisers and Corporate strategy teams

PipeCandy tracks all ‘Direct to consumer’ brands and the buzz they generate in channels like Instagram. Using artificial intelligence technologies, we categorize brands, estimate their web sales and discover the ones that are likely to break out.

We inform retailers about the brands that should be on their aisles based on the signals we catch through our AI algorithms.

Assortment Planning based on region-specific trends

Using PipeCandy’s own data-sets of in-stock products across competing retailers and influencer endorsements, and computer vision partnerships, PipeCandy analyzes color trends in specific regions that serve as a key input to assortment planners in deciding stock levels at specific stores across the country.

Fashion retailers avoid markdowns and stockouts by capturing regional trends quickly, using PipeCandy’s trend analyses.

Build an acquisition pipeline of brands and retailers

With historical data on the growth of retailers and modern ‘digitally native vertical brands’, PipeCandy is a unique & objective source for building your acquisition pipeline. Our analysts produce customized research reports about specific segments & work with your investment bankers to build ‘consideration set’ of companies that you could potentially acquire.

Discover and track potential acquisitions opportunities all through the year, in a structured and data-driven manner.

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We’ve missed out on new product trends and by the time we acted on them, we’ve been late. Here’s where it is immensely valuable to have a solution like PipeCandy to systematically predict trends and act on them in time.

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