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The holy grail of predictable demand generation

Build surgically precise lead lists of your ideal eCommerce customers, now from a database of 6.5M companies.

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All signal. No noise.

The dataset that replaces all non-commerce databases

Coverage Assurance
Coverage Assurance

Every active eCommerce company & D2C brand that matters

Industry Signals
Industry Signals

No non-commerce junk. 50+ attributes to understand their eCommerce business model


Assured by Commercepedia, the dataset curated by algorithms and analysts

Get all three that matter — Coverage, Depth & Accuracy


We have yet to find data that is as accurate as what Pipecandy can provide. I would gladly recommend Pipecandy to others.

Jesse Mitchell
SFI International Logistics

Jesse Mitchell

Director - Business Development

Be a Segmentation Superpower

eCommerce-specfic lead qualification criteria

Freedom from non-Commerce databases.

Predictable demand generation. Very precise segmentation & messaging.


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Get the best account intel to your account executives

The whole story in a one page PDF.

Just what an AE needs.

Help AEs walk into meetings like they know the place. Make them win.

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Always fresh lead lists.
Our responsibility.

Be the list genius. Know every company in town.

Our bots auto-update your lists every hour. You keep account executives busy every day.

Hello, Lazy Genius

Usher the Funnel Genie

Go from leads to deals.

Opportunities close. Automagically.

Get qualified appointments booked.

We generate the demand. Our verfied partners set up meetings for your sales team.